How to utilize event-triggered emails and app remarketing to get onboard more trial users?

Every App comes with a sign-up process. Many users are lost who don’t finish this process duly. How can you prevent losing these users? Well, if a sign-up process involves multiple account creation steps, there are some really helpful steps to get onboard these users who didn’t finish the process. 

Event-triggered emails and app remarketing mechanisms can help any app get back those users who somehow have discontinued using the App. This is particularly beneficial for the trial versions of apps. Trial apps are basically unrolled to create leads that can actually make the purchase and become registered paid users. These two methods can help app marketers win back many casual users who left an app in the middle.

The Reasons Behind Leaving the App before Completing Signing Up

The users who leave an app haphazardly before completing sign-up have their own reasons. In most cases, it is the presence of too many steps in the sign-up process that instigate such action. Notably, the Software as a Service (SaaS) kind of apps has a lot of steps in their sign-up process than others. 

Apart from the lengthy sign-up process, there can be other reasons that push users to leave an app. The reasons for users to leave the registration process as incomplete can be surmised as below.

  • Taking part in the sign-up process just by chance and without any specific objective. 
  • Suddenly understanding that the concerned App is not relevant to their purpose. 
  • You made them sign up too early and way before they could make a well-thought decision.
  • The users may consider giving all information that can violate their privacy, and they are not relevant. 
  • They can find the registration recess to be very complicated and unnecessarily lengthy. 
  • The registration page is full of distractions that take users elsewhere. 
  • The registration process is slow and not properly backed up by a fast-responding server. 
  • The registration process asked for financial detail or payment information too soon. 

Most of these reasons are common in the vast majority of cases where users leave an app without finishing the sign-up process in a due manner. All these issues clearly indicate the shortcomings of registration page design and related attributes. By addressing these faultlines and shortcomings, the app marketers can boost the completion rate for the sign-up processes of new users. 

How Event-triggered Emails and App Remarketing can help? 

As we have already mentioned, all the problems mentioned above basically represent faultlines of the registration processes. These issues grossly can be categorized into four distinct types, respectively as, irrelevant user targeting: unqualified user targeting, complicated registration process, and bad server response.

When a user is lost after only providing the email address, you can easily send him an email reminding of the unfinished sign-up process. This is what we call an event-triggered email. The email communication should address the particular issue faced by the user during the sign-up process. Apart from cases where the user profile is irrelevant for the App, event-triggered emails can be sent to the users with the promise of a solution. Reminder emails also help to make automation work to rope in new users. 

The Power of Automation and Personalization  

In common sense, automation and personalization seem to represent opposite and contesting values that do not fit into one another. But in the context of modern-day digital marketing manoeuvres such as retargeting and triggering emails based on events, personalization and automation can walk hand in hand, for instance, the USA tech professional such as mobile app development company in the USA builds user-focused apps know how automation also creates scope for personalized app marketing.

While the retargeting emails are sent based on user intent and behaviour, the same insights can also be utilized to tweak email communication with personalized or individual user-specific attributes. The use of automation here actually helps understanding user intents and to address them accordingly. 

In this regard, we must remember that personalized email communication is very useful in making a bigger and better business conversion. According to various studies and reports, the vast majority of users feel obliged to a brand and show signs of loyalty when they are communicated with personalized messages and communication.

The Core Impetus is Lead Nurturing and Converting 

Remember, only a small and insignificant portion of first-time visitors and users to any app end up downloading and installing the App on their device. Further down the funnel, only a portion of these registered users keeps using the App beyond the first week of their installation. Only a relatively smaller portion of these users end up making in-app purchases. 

So, by retargeting the lost visitors who didn’t complete the sign-up process, the app marketers improve the chances of getting more downloads, loyalty, and business conversion for the App. The idea behind these triggered emails and retargeting manoeuvre is to nurture leads and push business conversion. 


At the trial level of an app, the marketers focus on creating the funnel that helps them get in touch with a maximum number of potential users. The trial version of the App creates the funnel of getting maximum exposure and visits through which leads can be generated, nurtured, and converted in the process. Both event-triggered emails and app remarketing help app marketers in this regard to a great extent.

Author Bio:

Nathan McKinley is a Business Development Manager at Cerdonis Technologies LLC – mobile app development company in USA that helps businesses with their required need for technology integration and marketing automation for their potential reach to customers. He has 5+ years of experience as a Marketing specialist which allows him to understand the growth metric and marketing endeavour efficiently.