How to make inbound sales work for you

People have changed their buying behaviours. They’re doing intensive research on their own before purchasing anything. The access to more information than ever before has made traditional sales talks almost redundant. That’s why salespeople had to rethink their approach and find a solution to this problem. Inbound sales are one of these solutions.

Put simply, inbound sales aims for accompanying leads through the whole buyer journey while nurturing them using suitable content based on their current phase in the sales funnel. Inbound sales differentiate between three different stages:

  • Awareness: Prospect feels that there is a need to be met.
  • Consideration: Prospect is actively searching for solutions to meet this need.
  • Decision: Prospect makes a buying decision.

This new sales approach concentrates on understanding the prospect and his or her current situation first. It’s rather a pull than a push approach. As long as the lead is not ready to consider suitable options to solve their problem, inbound sales reps won’t push them towards their own product.

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