How to Know Your Influencer Marketing Agency is Legit

How to Know Your Influencer Marketing Agency is Legit
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With articles touting the massive “gold rush” in influencer marketing , is it any surprise that everyone and their grandmother is looking to cash in?

We understand that influencer marketing is a hot button item right now, and with good reason; influencer campaigns provide insane results when managed properly. “When managed properly” are the key words in that sentence.

Right now there are scads of agencies materializing out of thin air that claim to “specialize” in this practice. Or, worse yet, they simply tack it on to their existing services and figure they can “wing it,” more or less. Here’s the skinny guys: Most of these firms have no idea what it takes to succeed with this method. Anyone who claims that influencer marketing is easy is, how do you say, full of it? Don’t believe me? Let’s go ahead and examine what it takes to launch a successful campaign.

Managing Influencer Campaigns For starters, in order for a campaign to be successful, you need to recruit influencers that align with your brand. Easy, right? Just ask the 75% of marketers who state that their biggest challenges is identifying the right influencers for a campaign and they can tell you just how simple it is. (Here’s a tip: It’s not.) Influencer identification is at the core of a successful campaign. Without the right influencers who actually resonate with a brand’s offerings, a campaign is doomed before it even begins.

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