How Machine Learning is Changing SEO

At the rate that technology is improving, it’s no wonder that our ability to use that technology and implement it into business practices is changing as well. When we find better, more efficient ways to do things it tends to lead to more efficient processes across the board. This is especially true when it comes to SEO and online marketing.

Online marketing and SEO take into account data from keyword searches/volume, user intent, search query, imagery, content writing and much more to help drive business decisions about how, where and who to market to. In an age where our ability to see customer behavior is at an all-time high, it was only a matter of time before we learned to use other technology (like utilizing ci/cd) in different industries to apply to the practice of marketing. This is where Machine Learning comes in.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subcategory of the artificial intelligence field. This subset of AI is mostly focused on creating algorithms that help computers to learn. Deep learning tech essentially teaches itself and trains itself using what are called neural networks. These neural networks take massive data sets and then use pattern-recognition tools to help make sense of the information and then make decisions on its own. It’s pretty high-tech stuff seemingly right out of a sci-fi movie, but yet it’s here and it’s in practice.

What are the Benefits of Machine Learning?

According to recent studies, the benefits of machine learning in regards to business are substantial. For instance, it was found that business productivity can be boosted up to 40% while using machine learning. Or, did you know that Netflix used machine learning to figure out how to make personal recommendations on their platform while also saving themselves nearly 1 billion dollars? The results for businesses have been overwhelmingly positive, since machine learning allows the company to better take in data, analyze it and make sound business decisions.

The longer the machine learning goes on, the better it gets. Over time, search queries are answered better and search accuracy and speed are increased even more. For a marketer (or SEO), this is huge. Online marketers are expected to get the best bang for the buck with every campaign. If you can increase marketing efficiency and ROI, you’ll be successful. Since machine learning is constantly changing the SERP landscape, it’s more important than ever for marketers to understand how it works and how to utilize it.

How Does Machine Learning Affect SEO?

As has been already mentioned, since machine learning affects the SERPs directly, it has a large impact on SEO in general. When people search for keywords or phrases, they’ve now become accustomed to incredibly accurate answers coming in at the speed of light. In the SEO industry, people expect the same from their marketing efforts – namely, incredibly accurate campaigns that drive revenue as quickly as possible. In order to provide results like this, it’s even more important that you understand machine learning and how it affects what you do.

For instance, one thing that SEO and online marketing deals with on the daily is content. Understanding how to create content that is relevant, provides value, is easily digested and can be accessed across all platforms and mediums is now not just a nice thought but is essential. Ranking on the top of the SERPs is more challenging than ever when you combine the sheer number of companies engaged in online marketing in some way, shape or form and the ability for search engines like Google and Bing to use machine learning to weed out the poor performing content.

One thing to consider is how much data search engines, like Google, have about the end user. With each person doing multiple searches every day, weaving through the rabbit-hole that is the internet, Google is picking up information about search intent, what engages the user and where they ultimately purchase. They don’t have to guess the customer journey because it’s performed so many times every single day that they can very accurately predict it now. Google’s entire existence centers around providing great content to the end user so they’ll keep using the service. Because that’s the case, developing content in SEO that’s based around the actual intent of the user is imperative.

How Does Content Development Change?

Content development needs to change in the machine learning age. Instead of methodically optimizing for a keyword, SEOs should be targeting personalization and intent. What are the current trends? What are the user’s problems and the solutions that can help solve it? Thinking on these things can better help to answer the age-old questions of:

  • What do I write about?
  • What topic or headline should I create?
  • Should my content be more about my brand or the user?

How Can Machine Learning Help With Content Creation?

One of the greatest ways that machine learning changes SEO for the better is in content creation. Since machine learning can give marketers real-time insights into consumer wants, likes and behavior, you can get the most up-to-date information to craft new content around. You want to be able to create content that users will initially visit, engage with and potentially share to make the most out of your marketing dollars. If you can do this, your site will start to dominate the search engine rankings for your keywords you are targeting.

Final Thoughts

SEO and online marketing are rapidly changing, and machine learning is a huge part of that. Machine learning gives online marketers real-time information, allowing the good ones to create relevant content for their potential customers. Technology will continue to increase and improve, and other methods will be implemented to make marketing even better than it is now. Until then, it’s up to marketers to inform themselves and utilize the tools available today to make the biggest impact they can.

Focusing on what’s important to prospective clients is still the root of all marketing methods, no matter the technology. The technology, if used right, can just speed up the process to getting results.

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