How a London Interior Designer is Using SEO to Grow their Business

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In today’s business world, an online presence is crucial for success. You simply won’t find the clients you desire without a digital marketing strategy. And a significant part of that strategy boils down to SEO or search engine optimisation.

Simply put, SEO helps moves your company’s webpage up in search engine rankings. It involves the use of keywords and key phrases that your prospective customers input into Google or Bing. By using the same keywords in your webpage content, you can rank higher in search results, driving more traffic to your website.

Of course, there’s much more to SEO then sprinkling a few words in here and there. Some marketing consultants even make their living as SEO specialists, helping companies diagnose their SEO problems and prescribing solutions.

Understanding the theory behind it is all well and good, but how does SEO help businesses grow in practice? One company, in particular, an interior design business in Hertfordshire, used SEO and digital marketing tools to enhance their website and reach more clients.

Missed Opportunities

These interior designers in Hertfordshire, also operating in St. Albans and North London, founded their company in 1990. They’ve been in business since before the birth of digital marketing! For companies like these, stepping into the modern age can be challenging.

The interior designers ran a solid business throughout the 1990s and even the early 2000s, taking advantage of traditional marketing methods. They even created a website to keep up with the growing popularity of the internet.

As the internet rapidly expanded and SEO became more and more prevalent in online marketing, though, the company started having trouble keeping up. They realized that their website, despite regular maintenance, wasn’t ranking as highly as they wanted. The interior design business had an SEO strategy in place, but it wasn’t quite up to date.

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The Hertfordshire interior designers realized that they were missing out on potential clients because their website couldn’t be found. They wanted to expand their business in North London and St. Albans to include more residential properties, in addition to the commercial spaces and showhomes, most of their existing clients hired their services for.

Partnership with Brick Digital

Deciding to get serious about SEO, the interior design company hired newly-created agency Brick Digital. Knowing that they wanted to appeal to more individual customers, Brick Digital sat down with the interior designers and thoroughly evaluated their current metrics – how well they were ranking, keyword use, and current traffic trends to their website.

After running an SEO analysis, Brick Digital helped the interior designers come up with a plan to improve rankings, both globally and locally in their target areas of North London and St. Albans. By emphasizing local SEO, the digital marketing agency was able to boost rankings among individual homeowners, helping to get more traffic from their target demographic.

Brick Digital also emphasized a portfolio-style website for the business. As a creative agency that offers a highly visual service to its clients, illustrating examples of their work on their website was one of the most effective ways to keep clients browsing. Varying the projects they showcased between domestic and commercial properties showed the range of the company’s services.

The portfolio was supplemented by the addition of a blog, a great way to position the interior designers as industry leaders. Having been in the business for over 25 years, they have an established reputation. They can reflect this thought leadership through their blog content while optimising target keywords.

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SEO Has Transformed Lead Generation for These Interior Designers

With a revamped website and SEO strategy, this company was able to reach the clients it was after. The website has helped the Hertfordshire interior designers generate leads for residential properties, as well as increased their corporate portfolio.

Working with a digital marketing agency has been the best way for this company to improve SEO. Before getting serious about SEO efforts, the interior designers believed a great product and an updated website were enough to generate the leads they wanted. However, they saw that changing their marketing mindset and targeting their website more toward SEO had a significant impact.

After the initial growth, the interior design company plans to continue with SEO and providing great content to make their website stand out from the competition.

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