Hiring the Right Technology Copywriter: Essential Insights

Hiring the Right Technology Copywriter: Essential Insights

Looking for a skilled B2B technology copywriter can feel overwhelming, yet it’s pivotal for a successful campaign. Selecting the wrong copywriter can pile on your workload, delay projects, and end up costing you more. Conversely, the right technology copywriter can streamline your tasks, enhance marketing outcomes, and boost sales.

Here are six key aspects to consider when choosing a B2B technology copywriter:

Industry Expertise

Many copywriters are generalists, covering a wide array of topics. While this versatility suits various needs, it might not be ideal for B2B technology companies dealing with intricate products.

For such cases, seek a writer with industry-specific experience. Look for someone who grasps the unique needs and concerns of B2B technology buyers. Given the rapid evolution in tech, ensure your chosen copywriter stays updated with the latest trends and insights relevant to your audience.

Working with a tech-savvy writer can significantly minimize briefing time, streamline projects, and yield superior results.

Audience Understanding

Your copy serves as the initial point of contact with your potential customers. If it doesn’t resonate with them, they might go to your competitors.

You need a writer who comprehends your audience and can tailor the copy to their roles, familiarity with your company, and stage in the sales process.

In B2B, your copy must address both the tech-savvy buyer and the business-minded buyer.

A proficient technology copywriter can effectively communicate with both of these segments without oversimplifying or drowning the message in jargon.

Strategic Approach

Effective copywriting goes beyond “sounding good.” It requires strategy and data.

Avoid writers who merely label themselves as “wordsmiths.” Instead, seek those passionate about:

  • B2B marketing and sales
  • Understanding the B2B tech buyer journey
  • Conversion strategies
  • Data-driven copywriting

Established Process

Crafting outstanding copy involves both writing skills and a structured process.

When evaluating potential copywriters, inquire about their process. Clarify responsibilities and ensure alignment. You wouldn’t want surprises later, such as discovering the writer expects you to handle customer interviews for a case study.

Ask questions about their research methodology, involvement in testing, handling edits, project timelines, and their typical workflow.

Quick Adaptation

Depending on your niche, finding a writer well-versed in your business specifics might be challenging. If you’re launching a novel solution, give your copywriter ample time to familiarize themselves with it beforehand. It could take them a few weeks of research to deliver impactful results.

Provide access to vital data such as customer feedback, buyer personas, competitor analysis, and company insights. Regular communication and updates will ensure they grasp your business’s intricacies swiftly.


While copywriters often lean towards introversion, their communication responsiveness is crucial for a fruitful collaboration.

Discuss preferred communication methods early on. Clarify expectations about response times for edits or concerns. Setting up regular updates can also facilitate a smoother workflow.

Your copy wields immense influence in converting prospects into customers. Use these insights to find a technology copywriter aligned with your sales and marketing goals.