Elementor Pro for WordPress – New release

In Elementor Pro 2.8 we have important usability and SEO features, which will improve your site’s score, performance, accessibility and readability.
Before installing, make sure you are using: Elementor Core 2.9

New Table of Contents widget

It seems that nowadays if you want to get substantial traffic from Google, you need to create long content.

[eafl id=”19482″ name=”Elementor” text=”Elementor Pro 2.9″] is adding a crucial tool to make your long content more successful and readable by readers and search engines.
The Table of Contents widget is a great way to improve accessibility, increase SEO and get those precious snippets featured on Google.
It’s not just another SEO widget, it’s the most customizable TOC widget available to date.

In addition, if you use it in conjunction with Elementor’s Theme Builder, you can add it to all posts on your site with a single tap, instantly improving the site’s SEO.

Here’s what the summary widget includes, in terms of customization:

  • Level of mapped header tags
  • Define the container where the mapping will affect
  • Allow advanced style customization
  • Delete tags by selector
  • Collapsed or Expanded State

Website performance improvements

In Elementor Pro v2.7 the Pro Gallery widget was introduced. They have now improved the loading time of the Gallery and added two important functions: Slow loading and random ordering of images.

To improve site performance and speed up image loading, the Elementor Gallery widget now includes slow loading by default. We also optimized the code that loads images and improved image transitions.

In addition to Lazy Load, you can now choose between standard and random image order. Choose ‘Random’, and the images will be shuffled, in one and several galleries and in layouts.

Font Awesome 5 Pro

Do you know how everyone uses the same icons? With this version, you can create unique pages with icons that are sure to make your sites stand out.
A few months ago, in version 2.6, Elementor upgraded its icon library to Font Awesome 5. Font Awesome 5 is the largest and most popular icon library. It’s a bit like Elementor and wine, it keeps getting better over time.

The new version adds a lot of value to Font Awesome Pro subscribers. Now, these users have the ability to use more than 300 new icons, more than 1700 duotone icons, which are composed of 2 different tones (adds an original look and feel to the icons ).