9 Reasons to Choose MEAN js Stack for Web App Development

9 Reasons to Choose MEAN.js Stack for Web App Development

If you want your business to stay competitive, then you must have an online presence. One of the best ways to improve your online presence is by creating a dedicated app for your business. If you are planning to create a web app and looking for the best tech stack, then you should choose MEAN.JS. It offers you numerous advantages that make it perfect to develop your web app.

What is MEAN.JS?

MEAN.JS is a flexible web app development solution with a common programming language, full-stack JavaScript. The name of the stack is an acronym in which M stands for MongoDB, E stands for Express, A stands for Angular and N stands for Node.JS.

  • MongoDB is a dynamic and highly scalable open-source NoSQL database with an architecture that uses documents and collections instead of rows and tables which you will find in relational databases. This architecture allows it to handle a large amount of data.
  • Express is a robust, feature-rich yet lightweight server-side JavaScript framework. It helps in writing codes for apps that are modular, secure, and fast.
  • AngularJS is a framework that helps the developer in creating single pages and flexible web apps. This framework allows you to develop a modular structure that is easily scalable and simple for testing.
  • Node.JS is a robust and highly secure JavaScript-based runtime. It helps the developer to create high-performance and scalable web apps by compiling the JavaScript source code into the machine code before its execution.

Benefits of Choosing MEAN.JS Stack to Create Web Apps

The MEAN.JS stack offers numerous advantages for creating web apps some of these include the following.

  1. It is Open Source

All the technologies that make up the MEAN.JS Stack are open-source. This makes the entire platform open source. Therefore, when you use this technology to create your web app, then you do not have to pay anything. This brings down the cost of your web app development significantly.

  1. You Use a Single Language

MEAN.JS Stack is based on JavaScript, which means that every single technology that makes up this platform is based on JavaScript. Therefore, instead of using a bunch of different programming languages, everything can be done through JavaScript including configuring database management, the front-end, and server-side. As you have to rely on only one language, your web app development becomes easier.

  1. Flexible, Efficient, and Scalable

As this tech stack has its foundation in JavaScript, it allows great flexibility to create highly innovative and feature-rich web apps with amazing performance. If in the future you want to add some functionalities or features to your web app, then it is easier with the MEAN.JS stack. Additionally, if your business expands in the future, then this tech stack is flexible enough to fit any future business requirement. Therefore, using the MEAN.JS stack to develop your web app is the right business decision as it makes the app future-proof.

  1. User-Friendly

Angular.JS is one of the technologies of the MEAN.JS Stack and is known to offer an amazing user interface (UI) and superior user experience (UX) in a web app. For this reason, AngularJS is known as one of the best front-end frameworks in the market. 

The framework works as per the MVC & MVVM architecture and is suitable for building highly interactive web apps with easy navigation.

  1. It is Isomorphic

If you have written codes in any framework, then you can reuse them in another framework that you want. Such codes which can be reused in other frameworks are known as isomorphic codes. This process becomes easier with the MEAN.JS stack. Furthermore, even when you use these codes in any other framework, you will not find any lag in their performance and they will work as if natively written. This is a great advantage of using the MEAN.JS stack for app development.

  1. It’s Scalable

MEAN.JS stack has the ability to develop web applications of any size. Moreover, all of these web applications are scalable. It means you can integrate new features and functionalities into the web app whenever needed.

  1. Big Online Community Support

As the MEAN.JS stack technologies are open source, there are a large number of companies as well as developers around the world who support this tech stack to make it better. As this tech stack has a huge online community, it will continue to evolve. And if you need some support to overcome any challenge using the MEAN.JS stack, then you will get it from other developers who are experts in this tech stack.

  1. Fast Development Cycle

If you are using the MEAN.JS stack to develop your web app, then you will find that the overall time required to create the web app is much faster compared to other tech stacks that are available in the market. This is due to several reasons which include; it is developer-friendly, it has isomorphic codes and it is easy to implement. Thus, the advantage the MEAN.JS stack gives you for a faster time to market makes it the perfect reason to choose it for developing your web app.

  1. It is Less Costly

When you create a web app using the MEAN.JS stack, then the development cost is significantly less due to the following reasons.

  • As an open-source platform, you don’t pay any license fee.
  • You don’t need to rewrite the codes as the transfer of data is smooth and easy.
  • As it is based on a single language (JavaScript) you will not require specialized developers.


Now, you must have understood the reasons for using the MEAN.JS stack for web app development.

If you are looking for a highly stable tech Stack that allows you to develop a high-performing, secure, and economical web app for your business, then the MEAN.JS stack offers you the best solution.

To utilize the tech stack in the best possible manner, you should hire a web app development company. They would leverage all the essential characteristics of the MEAN.JS stack for building a top-notch web application for your business.

Author’s Bio – Ravi Makhija

A writer, an Entrepreneur, curious about the internet of everything. He is Founder & CEO at Guru TechnoLabs – Web and Mobile App Development Company.