8 Digital Marketing Strategies for Shopify Stores

8 Digital Marketing Strategies for Shopify Stores

Online retail is growing astronomically. In 2020 alone, over 2 billion people bought products online worth over $4.9 trillion. That is because the internet makes it convenient and easier for consumers to shop online. 

Despite the immense growth potential, online retail has many players. Your rivals can easily outcompete you if you are not tactical and strategic. Having a good product is essential for growth. But, branding, market position, customer experience, and more are also vital.  

Digital marketing makes it extremely easy and cheap to address these aspects in your Shopify store. Digital marketing campaigns are measurable. You can know which campaigns are performing well and those that don’t. So corrective adjustments are possible to increase the performance and effectiveness of marketing tactics. 

You can also drive precise audience targeting, leading to maximum ROI. Here are the digital marketing strategies you can use for your Shopify stores. 

  1. Increase User Engagement Using Ultra-Personalization 

According to Statista, poor customer experience led 40% to switch brands. A robust user engagement can help attract, convert, and turn visitors into loyal brand customers. And personalization plays a great part in driving better user engagement and customer experience. 

Each visitor is different with unique preferences. Using visitor preference data, you can drive customized user engagement. 

It can be challenging handling thousands or millions of personalized user engagements simultaneously. You’ll need a tool like Argoid that can make it easier. It is an AI-driven ultra-personalization tool that will improve your Shopify store user engagement at scale. 

To drive real-time recommendations, AI-driven personalization tools use many factors like visitor behavior and content performance. The suggestions are based on visitors’ specific wants and needs. So, it supports excellent customer experience. Also, product suggestions improve e-commerce conversions. 

In short, personalization can solve abandoned cart recovery and increase your revenue. 

  1. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is another effective strategy. With an ROI of $44 for every $1, it can be useful in many ways. It can create brand awareness, nurture leads, and generate traffic to your store. 

Also, you can use tailored email reminders to persuade customers to finish their purchases. Hence, it can reduce online shopping cart abandonment. 

Thus, increasing audience reach through email marketing would be highly beneficial for any business, even a Shopify e-commerce store.

  1. Social Media Optimization 

More than 80% of companies use social media as a source of business intelligence. Social media has over 3.5 billion active social media users. You can tap on it to increase your Shopify shop brand engagement.

Each social media platform has its specific purpose and can be effective in one way or another. Check out more on social media statistics here to understand its value. 

For example, you can connect to Facebook and Instagram and make your feed more appealing. However, generating traffic and reach needs optimization. You can use seasonal and relevant keywords alongside quality content. Also, include your Shopify web link on your social accounts. 

Your social media content should also be quality, relevant and engaging. So, have high-quality videos, text, and images. 

Leveraging social media can be beneficial in these ways: 

  • Get new Shopify app users
  • Improve user engagement and experience 
  • Customer service support 
  • Drive customer loyalty through loyalty reward programs
  1. Increase Your App Traffic Through SEO 

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Search engine optimization (SEO) involves increasing your website visibility on search engines by improving your website. Here are some SEO practices that can help improve your web presence: 

  • Conduct competitor and keyword analysis 
  • Use relevant keywords correctly in your content
  • Reformat your content to have a featured snippet
  • Create relevant authority links on your content 
  • Improve your website loading speed etc. 

Google is the leading search engine. More than half of the traffic is organic, and the rest is from AdWord. In short, you can gain more with SEO practices that drive organic traffic to your site. With more quality traffic, you can increase your e-commerce conversions. 

  1. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing involves using social media influencers to promote brands to their followers effectively. It can increase brand awareness and maximize market reach. In 2021, the influencer endorsement sector was worth about $14 billion in the US. It is posed to gain more traction because of its effectiveness. 

Most internet users search for educative, product explainers, and entertainment content. So, influencers can make your Shopify brand approachable to your prospects. It can increase your Shopify app downloads and brand awareness. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a competitive strategy that only compensates an affiliate for every referral gained. Contrary to influencer marketing, it is based on referral rather than brand promotion. Over 80% of brands use affiliate marketing, with the fashion industry accounting for 25% of the B2B market.

Its effectiveness is pegged on performance; hence its ROI is assured. You can use it to drive your Shopify app downloads. Also, it can increase customer acquisition and sales. 

  1. Content Marketing 

Content marketing involves creating educational and entertainment articles designed for a specific target. It attracts an audience interested in your Shopify brand. Also, it can influence them to install your Shopify app and increase your brand awareness. 

Content marketing campaigns cost about 60% less than traditional marketing. But, it generates 3x more leads. However, you must know the buyer persona and the stage of your customer journey. It helps refine targeting and maximize ROI.  

  1. Video Marketing 

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Video marketing is another highly effective approach for promoting your store because it is easily digestible, memorable, and widely available material. 

You can educate and inform your target about your offers effectively using video. For example, you can help your app users with product videos, tutorials, or testimonial videos. 

Livestream marketing should be part of a video marketing campaign too. According to Statista, mobile viewers spent over 500 billion hours on live streaming sites in 2021 alone. And over 60% of users are capable of buying after watching a video. Hence, it can generate revenue besides driving brand awareness. 

It can also be perfect for launching products on your Shopify app.

Take Away 

Online retail is a trillion-dollar market with exponential growth. But, the ease of entry makes it have many players and competitors. Digital marketing is the perfect tool to stay ahead for online businesses like e-commerce businesses. 

You should combine several digital marketing strategies for maximum impact. You can use the above strategies to scale your Shopify app. 

But, if you are handling many visitors, AI-driven personalization tools can be helpful for a highly tailored experience. Also, it helps in automating part of your digital marketing functions like customer engagement and conversions. So, leverage digital marketing and prioritize market automation.