7 Best Cold Calling Strategies That Really Work In 2021

7 Best Cold Calling Strategies That Really Work In 2022 [infographic]

Cold calling – it sounds simple enough. You call up a potential customer, introduce yourself, ask if they have any questions about your product or service, and then try to close the sale right there on the phone.

This technique is still widely used today because it has been proven that cold calling works! But cold calling can be much more difficult than it sounds because you are interrupting someone who is probably busy.

This article will show you 7 cold calling strategies that really work in 2022 so that you can land new customers! These tips were compiled from top experts in the field with years of experience under their belt! But before that, let’s understand what cold calling actually is.

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is when you contact a potential customer for the first time and offer your product or service to them. This call may be an unsolicited phone call, email, letter, or text message that you send out to your target market’s lead list. It can also be done face-to-face!

Some people are really good at cold calling, but for others, it can be a daunting task. That’s because you are trying to sell something to someone who may not even want what you’re selling!

Cold calling is still one of the most effective ways to land new customers, despite being difficult. In fact, according to some recent studies, cold calls have a success rate of about 40 percent!

Who Does Cold Calling Works?

Cold calling works for almost any business because it can be used in all different types of industries. However, it’s especially effective for businesses that offer a service or have a new product to sell.

For example, realtors cold call to sell homes; insurance agents cold call to sign up new customers; and even restaurants do some type of cold calling by offering discounts or specials to first-time customers!

7 Best Cold Calling Strategies that Works!

Now that you understand what cold calling is and who it works for, let’s take a look at some of the best cold calling strategies that will help you close more sales in 2022! Below is the infographic from GetVoIP explaining the 7 best strategies that you can follow to land new customers for your business.

7 Best Cold Calling Strategies That Really Work In 2022