5 Types Of Interactive Content To Use In 2021

5 Types Of Interactive Content To Use In 2021

As you learn more about content marketing, you discover how it has been evolving. The content marketing practiced back in the 2000s has come farther than we could imagine. Today, we live in a globalized world, where the internet connects people. Now it is possible to reach a global audience on a massive scale through the internet. Also, technology has become so powerful, you can send a million messages to billions of people, all at once. In addition, the messages you send to each individual can be customized according to their preferences. Isn’t that amazing? 

But wait! That’s the talk of the past. In 2021, the content we consume today is the most innovative yet refined form of content marketing to interact with the content. Yes! You heard that right! But, the evolved content is the need of time. As businesses continue to shift toward digital platforms, the necessity of effective content increases. Given the

Given the need for a strategic content marketing approach, it is crucial to incorporate interactive content marketing in your digital marketing before 2021 ends. But, before that, here is what interactive content means. Read through to find out! To make it easier for you, we have gathered 5 of the most used types of interactive content you can use in 2021 and beyond. 

Understanding The Nitty Gritty Of Interactive Content 

The standard content that you can only consume is referred to as passive content. But, the content allows you to take action by tap or a click, referred to as interactive content. It works like a predesigned app that receives orders from humans. The only difference is that you don’t need to download anything. It can smoothly run on your device as it loads on the screen via the internet. 

Types of Interactive Content

There are several types of interactive content, which are not limited to but include:

  • Widgets
  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Virtual Tours
  • Games
  • Demographics
  • Microsites
  • Motion graphics
  • E-books
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Dynamic CTAs
  • Calculators 
  • Reports
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Timelines

Since these are the things we consume daily, it is not challenging to include them in your strategy. However, you need to know the right way to incorporate them mindfully. More than 45% of marketers say that interactive marketing with these options has helped them increase their conversions and ROIs. Hence, this is the best time to get started for maintaining the competition. 

To make it easier for you, here are the 5 most used types of interactive content:


Can you go back in time, when there was minimal internet access and only a few games to play? Back then, quizzes used to be one of the most favorite things for most of us. From entertainment to politics and relationships, you could find a quiz about anything back then. It’s still the same today, but people have got more options for entertainment now.

However, when it comes to content for digital marketing, quizzes are still prevalent in the industry. They are considered powerful tools for generating leads and gathering more consumer data. Quizzes allow you to interact with your audience in a fun and entertaining way instead of throwing questions on their face, which nobody cares to answer. 

To show your clients that you value them, you have to show offer something valuable. Thus, quizzes are the easiest way to attract your customers to know their preferences. 

You can create a fun quiz that appeals to answers and makes them answer by choosing the most appropriate responses. 

Interactive Videos

Videos are the most popular content of this era, making them one of the most successful content types for digital marketing. Today, people are found very busy because they no longer want to read through anything. However, videos help them stay updated with everything. Given the importance of videos, they are famous among people because they can entertain and inform at the same time without taking much attention. 

Since videos are a source of infotainment, you can play around with your message in a million different ways to make it attractive and appealing. This way, you will engage with your customers, and they will stay for longer on your website. Ultimately, videos will help you gain the search engine’s trust and improvise your organic rankings on the SERPs. According to 63% of businesses and marketers, videos have earned them massive conversion rates, customer retention, improved ranking, and excellent customer retention. Isn’t that great? 

Polls And Surveys

Polls and surveys are the best way to connect with your audience. It helps you know what your audience thinks about what you offer and what they need from you. It enables you to fill in the gap between you and your customers in a seamless manner. Your customers won’t even know while taking these polls and surveys that they have blessed you with valuable information. 

Apart from knowing about your review, you can also create polls and surveys about the market, generic trends, market competition to learn about more gaps and lack your strategy.

Polls and surveys also make customers feel valued as businesses ask for their opinion. Their feedback may not matter much to some companies, but they will feel satisfied when the industry cares to ask! 


The demand for facts and information is growing every year. People want to know the numbers above anything else you claim. If you are selling something, they would like to know your product’s demand around the globe or in their region. In simple words, people do not accept bogus claims at any cost. They want to know the authenticity of what you claim. This is where infographics come in!

Infographics are in high demand worldwide, as people prefer to get all the information at a glance. The graphics help you gather all your data in one place with the help of charts and graphs. This makes the complex information easy to understand and available at a glance, which is why people love them. Including infographics in your content will make your content more consumable for your audience. 

Giveaways And Contests

Giveaways are a great way to attract more visitors to your platform, interact with your audience, and share what you can offer. This not only increases your platform’s value but your value in the eyes of the customers. Little things like a giveaway or contests go a long way and end up becoming highly popular. With very high potential of getting viral, contests and giveaways are an ideal choice of interactive content for digital marketing

Let your existing audience share, like, comment, and invite more people on your platform to make your posts highly engaging and rending on the podium in no time. A monthly giveaway or contest will not take away much from you but benefit you ultimately by increasing your audience most cost-effectively! 


Several different ways can help you interact with your audience, but using interactive content is the most cost-effective way. You can try the ones mentioned above depending on your need, and you will see the results in no time! Also, you can repurpose your old content by adding more interactive tools to it. This will reduce your efforts and maximize the results of your content marketing strategy.