5 Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Shoot Your Traffic

5 Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Shoot Your Traffic

Search engine optimization is getting more complex with continuous search engine updates. No matter if you run a blog, online business, or own a corporate website, you need to have a sound SEO profile so that you can thrive online and do more business. With time passing, apart from the basic SEO implementations, you need to go the extra mile to make sure your website is getting the deserved visibility on the Internet.

If you are also planning to re-audit your site and improve its ranking, we have gathered the best and 5 advanced SEO techniques that can help you succeed. Impacting SEO can be its own beast depending on your niche. For example, if you’re a law firm trying to generate awareness, your best bet will be hiring specialized legal SEO services to help you have a real impact

1. Reoptimizing the old content

This is the most helpful advanced SEO technique on the list but most people never focus on this one and keep emphasizing the other ones. When time, your content starts getting outdated, and the relevancy drops by a certain percentage. And, due to this, the search engines start ranking other websites that have the newest content because it’s more relevant to the users.

This is why you must re-audit the complete content of the website and update all the outdated information present on landing pages and blog posts. Include new keywords, updates the facts, figures, hyperlinks, and make sure everything is up to date. By doing this, you will gain an edge over your competitor and the search engine will give priority as the content is updated and more accurate.

2. Mobile friendly website

This is more of a necessity than an advanced SEO technique because the majority of the people will access your site using their smartphones. More than half of the Internet users prefer to shop or browse using their phones and with such high numbers, you can’t risk your rankings with an unresponsive site.

If you are adding new pages or revamping the site, make sure it’s completely mobile friendly and it’s easy to browse on all portable devices including tablets. For both the mobile version and desktop site, you have to optimize the website for speed. No one likes to wait for even 3-4 seconds and they will bounce off the site due to slow loading. You can take the help of free available speed test tools to check how your website and especially the mobile version is performing.

3. Internal linking is important

Most people focus on only external linking and the backlink profile of their site but that’s simply not enough. If you want to thrive on SEO, you need to fix the internal linking structure as well. Internal linking ensures that the SEO juice is distributed properly to all the pages and improves your ranking.

For example, if you have a ten-page website, you need to interlink them with each other so that the crawlers can scan them very easily. If you are not sure how to do it in the correct way, get professional SEO services and they will do it for you. Internal linking not only improves the SEO but also reduces the bounce rate of your site. This is because it improves the overall user experience as the users can easily navigate to other useful pages without searching them.

4. Focus on Google RankBrain

RankBrain is an AI-based algorithm of Google and it simply tells how the audience is interacting with the search results and your website. If a user searches a keyword and reaches your site, but you don’t have that relevant content, then the user will bounce off.

This will tell Google that the website is not relevant and the rankings will be decreased. On the other side, if a user has searched for a term and visits your website. And, the user finds relevant content that they were searching for, then this will improve your rankings. This is basically a simple yet important algorithm that tells how relevant your website is for users. According to the SEO experts, this algorithm is among the top three important factors that every website owner should focus on.

5. Add schema markup

Google prefers websites that have everything organized for both the users and search bots. This helps the crawlers to index new content and pages faster and also improves the visibility of the site. Be it products description, ratings, customer reviews, and content structure, get everything optimized from professional SEO services, and improve your rankings. Once you integrate schema markup on the site, it will also help in optimizing the crawl budget and improve the site indexation.

These are the top 5 advanced SEO techniques that you need to implement and achieve higher rankings. If you don’t have your own SEO team, don’t skip these steps and hire SEO services and get started with the optimization.