4 Proven Ways To Grab Attention To Your Ecommerce Store

4 Proven Ways To Grab Attention To Your Ecommerce Store

Aren’t you tired of scrolling your way to find out the best eCommerce marketing strategies that can get attention to your store without investing any hefty money? You might have, and all you got is no results. But guess what here, we are putting an end to your misery by providing a simple 4 way channel to attract new customers without spending a buck.

Having an ecommerce store is not a new thing. According to the study, there are more than 24 million internet retailers in the globe. By 2021, eCommerce is estimated to generate $4.5 trillion in online sales, more than double the amount from 2017 figures. Which is why people who have brick-and-mortar stores are shifting towards online stores. 

But unlike so many things, starting your business off the ground is not a walk in the park. There are many difficulties; the first and foremost is getting new customers and keeping your sales cycle thriving. 

After putting in so much time and effort, if you are not getting what you desire, it can be disheartening. Above all, most rookie’s or newbies’ genuine problem is not having enough cash lying around to invest in advertisements to attract new customers. By investing money, you can literally hire a marketing agency to do your work. But what if you don’t have enough money to hire someone.

Gratefully, there are some ways that can help you attract new customers without putting any kind of burden on your pocket.

4 Tips to Get Attention to Your eCommerce Stores

One of the not-so-secret dreams of every ecommerce store owner is getting new customers, building a loyal customer base, and doubling sales. That’s why here in this part, we are going to cast light on the tested and tried techniques to get new customers for your ecommerce store.

1. Run User Generated Campaigns – The best approach to advertising in terms of getting some attention to new customers and also reviving the existing ones is by running user-generated ad campaigns. Shoppers have traditionally valued relatives, colleagues, and other customers’ comments more than brand-created material; Nielsen reported that 92 percent of shoppers trust accurate user-generated content above paid marketing. 

Now, if you are not well-known for the term, let us break it down for you. User-generated content is the content created by consumers, workers, collaborators, promoters, and other industry professionals, and it is free to distribute on the internet. The most common version of UGC these days is a Instagram video (or) post of your customer with the product and the main objective of such content is to portray how your products are helping actual consumers.

For example, look at the Instagram handle of Glossier. Their Instagram content strategy is focused on leveraging UGC.  In Fact almost 1/5th of their posts are kinda customer testimonials (or) authentic product reviews from their actual customers. 

Thus such posts are building trust and helping Glossier to showcase some social proof. Also it has been said that almost 90% of their revenue is generated through Instagram marketing.

Time and time again it has been seen that our normal audience responds healthily to such content. As it keeps people on social media engaged, also running UGC campaigns increases brand recognition, and establishes a strong brand image.

2. Connect and Collaborate with Micro-Influencers 

There is no doubt that Instagram has become the goldmine for small and large businesses. It is a jackpot for businesses looking to engage with prospective consumers and increase their revenue, with 800 million registered users. 

As a consequence, Instagram’s business sector has expanded to 25 million users. Spending in marketing is a requirement if you want to grab people’s attention. And big corporate houses that have enough money are already bombarding users on Instagram with their ads. That can be a little annoying as a user. 

So what should one do? 

The answer is to invest in influencer marketing—remember word-of-mouth tactics are never outdated, no matter what age you live. Influencer marketing works in the same way. As more businesses realize the value of influencer marketing, they are readily jumping on board. 

But when it comes to influencers, most businesses believe the more the followers count, the better it will be for the company. But that’s not the case. Savvy marketers recognize several reasons to back micro-influencers or niche-focused influencers with a small follower count. Micro-influencers are ordinary people having 10,000 to 50,000 followers who communicate with their respective tribes to express their tastes and preferences, therefore influencing their audience.

If you want to look at a brand which leverages micro-influencer marketing, then Tom’s of Maine is the one. Being a toiletries made up of only natural ingredients at one point they were managing 20k micro-influencers to boost their promotions.

According to an Expertvoice study, 82 percent of customers say that they are very inclined to follow micro-advice. Therefore going with micro influencers won’t cost you much money and as you both look for something in return. Here the influencer can  earn a cut of the acquisition or sales, and you will end up getting traffic. It is a win-win situation for both.

3. Give Incentives to Your Existing Customers – Most of the successful Ecom owners know how to make the best out of the opportunity. If you have been in business for quite a long time and have a customer base, you are missing out on something by not providing an incentive to those customers. 

Incentive marketing is only one of the numerous arrows in a marketer’s quiver. Its premise is straightforward: do whatever we want, and we’ll offer you something in exchange. What activity you reward to your customer will be determined by your business.

It may be anything as simple as purchasing a product, joining an email list, remaining loyal to a business, or receiving an eBook. 

According to the Global Loyalty Program, if customers like the incentive or partner program, they tend to shop more. So offering incentives such as cashback, discounts, freebies, referrals, etc to existing customers can help you get back on track. 

Customers will feel better,  valued, and intimately close to the brand if the brand implements a customer incentive program. Also having a unique incentive opportunity will make your store appear distinctive. 

Furthermore, incentives will also inspire users to adopt the same ideals that their company stands for. Customers will be able to make repurchases as a result of this. Apart from making existing customers stay, incentivizing is actually the best approach to grab new clients too. 

One major incentive tactic that most eCommerce brands use is referral programs which involves paying an existing customer for suggesting an acquaintance, followed by a bonus for the friend’s first transaction. Thus, a recommended consumer is more likely to remain around because they believe their buddy’s recommendation.

4. Leverage Content Marketing for Your Ecommerce Website – In the current environment, when many are yelling themselves loud to get noticed, gaining exposure online could be a difficult challenge for e-commerce enterprises. 

All you’ll get is a website; it’s challenging to generate visitors, connections, or comments. It’s essential to branch out from traditional advertising. It’s time to go with content marketing. Content marketing is more than just advertising your items; it’s about providing your consumers with the information they believe they need to study, understand, and share. 

According to HubSpot Research, 70% of businesses are putting money into content marketing. However, content marketing is a component of a more comprehensive SEO strategy which websites can use to rank on Google. But anyways our focus should be totally on generating original and rich sources of content to attract visitors to our website. 

Although SEM and SEO can assist you in attracting new visitors, creating helpful content can keep them hooked over time. Content marketing won’t cost you a dime. But you should be focused on keeping your content relevant. Right now the best way to grab user attention is by doing videos. 

Therefore E-commerce businesses may benefit significantly from videos be it long-form YouTube videos (or) short-form Tikitok clips with your product. It will not only assist you in interestingly conveying information, every day, over a billion kinds of things are published all around the world. 

As a result, you must do something that distinguishes you from the crowd. The more specific your themes are, the more likely you seem to get your target audience’s attention. Remember that the goal of content marketing is not to promote your products every moment. It’s also about creating your brand’s reputation, building yourself as a trusted source/brand, and attracting a loyal audience. 

A final tip: use split testing to ensure that all the effort you put into your content marketing pays off. Split testing is an experiment comparing two versions of something to see which one performs better with users. As an e-commerce business owner, you’ll want to split test your products listings and images, which are crucial to sales. Split testing tools like Listing Dojo will run live tests for you with existing customers. Or use an online polling platform like PickFu to quickly test with a target audience of consumers before you launch your product or campaign. By testing in the early stages, you’ll know what resonates with shoppers, and you can use their feedback to optimize your store, attract even more customers, and boost your sales.


That’s all! Here we have mentioned all about the four ways to attract customers to your online store without wasting money. Starting an ecommerce business can be tricky, but starting a business isn’t everything. Indeed, you should know how to attract new customers without putting a dent in your budget. Not everything costs a million bucks; there are some techniques available for free. All you have to do is put it into action.

So what is stopping you now! Implement all the above mentioned ways and let us know all about it in the comments section.

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