4 Digital Marketing Lessons to Scale Your Brand in 2021 [updated]

The infamous 2020 is almost over, and businesses that have suffered through it are ready to get back in the game and recover the losses they have suffered due to the global pandemic. 

Once again, digital marketing will be more important than ever, especially since a lot of companies had to abandon their campaigns so that they can save enough funds to survive. 

Moreover, consumer behavior has shifted, and everyone is secretly preparing for the worst while hoping for the best in 2021. Scaling your brand in these trying times will most likely prove to be a completely new challenge. 

Regardless of the current situation, there are always lessons to be learned. Digital marketing evolves and changes so that it can adapt to any circumstances, even the ones that don’t look too promising to begin with. With that in mind, here are a few digital marketing lessons to scale your brand in 2021. 

Source: Gartner

Email marketing

Over the years, numerous experts have argued about how email is obsolete and how this type of marketing is no longer effective. That said, email marketing is still here, and it’s still as effective as it ever was, if not more. 

The main reason is that email marketing allows a level of personalization no other marketing strategy is able to provide. When communicating your brand messages, email can help you create a more personal bond with your leads. 

This will help you nurture these leads with the right messages at the right time so that you can encourage them to convert without being too invasive. 

With email segmentation, you can scale your brand from communicating with only a few customers to a couple of hundred of customers at the same time. The main lesson here is that you should never neglect a digital marketing channel until you can prove that it doesn’t work for you. 

Social media

Social media platforms quickly became one of the main marketing hubs today. The main reason is that you can find all of your potential customers or target audience in one place. Many brands maintain a strong social media presence because it allows them to connect with their target audience and establish a vast consumer base. 

However, navigating social media isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to maintain brand consistency, yet you can never use the same approach for every social media channel you plan to build a presence on, even though you’re targeting the same audience on different platforms. 

Brands that have difficulties with their social media marketing can always find a reliable digital marketing agency to help them out in that endeavor. The lesson you can learn from this is that you should never underestimate the importance of consumer expectations when you want to scale your brand and expand your influence to multiple social media networks. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing strategies today. Considering the fact that businesses that operate online are in a very competitive and overcrowded environment, SEO can be a great advantage when it comes to standing out in such an environment. 

SEO not only helps you gain visibility, brand awareness, and exposure, but it also helps you get organic web traffic. What’s interesting is that a lot of businesses give up on SEO. 

As you may know, SEO takes time to produce viable results, and your efforts must constantly be improved and adjusted. That means you must not just optimize your website but also produce relevant content and high-quality backlinks. 

This can be the highest quality source of leads. That said, SEO is not just about optimization but also about creating an effective marketing strategy that encompasses various factors that can efficiently scale your brand. The lesson here is that you have to be patient with some marketing strategies as they can yield numerous benefits when the time is right.

Content creation

Content is king in the marketing world, and content is very important for both brands and their customers. Scaling your brand can be much more seamless if you leverage content marketing. However, content creation has taken a turn, so brands need to consider their approach. Of course, you’re expected to create original content. 

Such content can spread your brand message and help you reach an even broader audience. Still, original content doesn’t have to be something entirely new. It can be old, evergreen content with a new look. That said, you should consider using different formats when using content to scale your brand. Nowadays, formats, such as video, podcasts, webinars, etc., are welcomed by consumers even if it’s not new content. 

You can restructure old articles and give them a new for, as long as you maintain brand consistency. That way, you can scale your brand without having to come up with something new all the time. The main lesson here is that you can always find a way to use a resource to your advantage. The key is to be creative and innovative enough to find a new approach.

It’s no secret that 2021 will be challenging for most of the brands. Still, finding a way to scale your business is important because you need to stay at the top of your game regardless of the situation you’re in. Fortunately, digital marketing always provides away if you’re willing to find it. 

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