Build Customer Trust

3 Ways to Build Customer Trust as a New Business

Perhaps nothing else brings a more difficult challenge to a new company than the efforts necessary to build trust with their target audience. It doesn’t help either that there are so many fraudulent activities that are constantly going on in every sector nowadays. Especially within the B2B sector, clients are less likely to trust a new company that they have hardly even heard about. Although this makes building trust a difficult ask, it is not impossible either. Read on as we discuss a few key tips and tricks which can help your business get there faster.

Trials/Giveaways/Free Stuff: They Work!

It depends on the kind of work that you are in, but the overall idea remains more or less the same; you will have to offer some of your products or services for free initially. Client businesses and customers alike prefer it if they get a trial/freebie to first get a taste of what to expect. For example, enterprise grade software resources often come with a few days of trial period, so that their potential clients can take a no-risk plunge.

If clients like the service, they should now have no reason to not trust it enough for getting a paid subscription. The same strategy is also adopted by streaming services such as Netflix or Prime Video, when they are trying to enter a relatively untapped market. Even if things on your company’s end are not yet perfect, users are less likely to leave an extremely negative review, since they did not have to pay for using it.

Provide the Assurance of Security

Within the B2C segment, customer awareness has reached a point where some of them will practically check for outdated cybersecurity measures before trusting a new company. Such security measures hold a much higher level of importance within the B2B sector. No informed company will want to work with a new business unless they have airtight cybersecurity measures in place. Work with the top IT and cloud security service in your area to hit three goals in one:

  1. Secure your own IT infrastructure and cloud-synced operations
  2. Secure all sensitive client data with confidence
  3. Create a sense of security and reliability within your target clients, which should come naturally on associating with established names

Work with Reputed Partners

Be prepared to offer free or heavily discounted services to the respective authority companies if it helps you get that all-important ‘reputation through association.’ For example, if you have worked with the like of Google, Amazon or Apple before, even if it was for a short time and on a nominal project, that should be mentioned clearly on a relevant company page. When your target audience sees that the company was trusted by well-established industry leaders enough to hire them, it will automatically generate a sense of authenticity. 

Despite everything that we just discussed, new business owners should be ready to face the fact that building trust is not supposed to be a short-term goal. It is a facet which is almost synonymous with good reputation, and reputation cannot be built in a day. The tips and tricks we discussed can, however, help your new company gain that all-important first impression and lasting reputation much quicker than usual.