11 Benefits of Using Google Business Profile

11 Benefits of Using Google Business Profile

Netizens rely on search engines to a great extent to find a product or service that they need. 

In this digital era, your brand’s prominent internet presence has to be one of the most powerful assets for your business. Your aim should help your target audience find you easily, exactly when they need your services. This is when Google Business Profile comes to your rescue. 

In this blog, we will learn all about the benefits of setting up a GBP profile for your business and how your business can unveil its best potential with the help of a GBP profile. 

What is Google Business Profile?

Your Google Business profile will allow your potential customers to know basic details about your business. Moreover, you can also update your working hours, contact information, connect with customers, and post updates about your business. 

Google Business Profile is a free tool from Google that every business should be using. It’s a tool where you can do many things, such as updating your company address, hours of operation, setting up goals, and much more. 

You can also push your content out there through the listing by adding photos or videos to the page. You can also add a link if you have an online shop.

Now that you have an idea about the concept, let us move on to some of the benefits of using Google Business Profile. 

What Are the Key Benefits of Using Google Business Profile?

Having your business on Google Business Profile makes it easy for customers to find you online. Customers can learn more about your products and services, see what’s nearby, or contact you. 

1. Appearing On The Local 3 Pack

Google reserves the first three search results for Google advertisements (paid ads.) You will see a map below these advertisements, followed by three local search results. These are the organic search results. 

The three-pack search results are displayed in one of the most prominent ways. Hence, it is impossible for the user to not look at it. You will also improve your website’s chances of appearing in the top results with an optimized GBP profile. 

The best part is that, unlike paid ads, GBP profiles won’t cost you a single penny!

2. Making Use Of Free Traffic Source

As mentioned above, creating a GBP profile is free. Moreover, you don’t need any high-level technical knowledge to use it. Creating and verifying your GBP profile is a matter of hours. 

Once you’re verified, you’re all set to rule page one on Google search results. Ensure that all the information you enter is consistent through all your online profiles. 

Once you create the GBP profile, your customers should be able to contact you, and they should be able to know the basic details about your business. 

3. Improving the Credibility Of Your Business

When your potential customers can reach you, they develop a natural sense of trust. No one wants to associate with a business that doesn’t have a significant online presence. 

With a well-maintained GBP profile, your customers won’t have to do a lot of hard work to reach out to you. They can also leave Google reviews for your business, adding further to your brand value.

4. Promoting Your Business Easily

Google introduced Offer Posts that allow business owners to let their audience know about any promotional sale or other offers.​​This can cut down your marketing costs as you’ll be able to market your products and services for free rather than paying for PPC Ads. 

You can also create Product Posts and add the product’s features, price range, and a 100-300 word description. 

5. Communicating With Your Customers 

Customers love a personal touch from the brand they’re associating with. Google Business Profile enables you to communicate with all your customers and clients. 

See how this law firm is responding to their customer reviews in GBP.

You can create posts, reply to reviews, and interact with customers through their GBP profile as well as yours. This will help in establishing a long-lasting relationship with them. 

If someone wants to know more about your business or looking for your business contact information, they can go to the Google search bar and type in Google Business Profile.

6. Increasing Traffic To Your Website

You will begin experiencing an uptick in traffic on your website soon after you’ve created your GBP profile. It’s because Google is sending you traffic through your GBP pages whenever someone types in your business name or your brand name. 

Your website will start appearing on the first page of the search results every time someone searches for anything related to your business

7. Acquiring New Customers

GBP profile offers various ways to promote your business, from online maps to Google Business Profile pages. Apart from that, you can also use Google search ads to gain more exposure for your product or service. This will help in building trust among your customers.

8. Improving Your Business Rankings

Google Business Profile can help your business rank higher on Google’s local map page and page one of search results. 

“With more customer reviews, you can score high in the eyes of Google’s algorithms which will improve your organic ranking. As a result, you can get more exposure and improve your website ranking”, says Cristian Ward is of Sandiegoseo.company

9. Controlling Your Online Reputation

With the help of Google Business Profile, you can control your online reputation to a great extent. You will be able to manage customer reviews on your business profile page. For example, if you find that someone is saying something that isn’t true, you can raise a flag, and Google will remove that information.

For example, see how this dental clinic has responded to their customer review.

10. Getting Better Local Business Opportunities

The GBP profile allows you to interact with local businesses in your area. This means that you will be able to build connections based on location. It could even help you get a referral and become the first choice for people looking to start their business in your area.

What Are The Key Features Of Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile gives you a free business profile to show your customers what makes your business special and provides the information they need to find and interact with you. Your personalized Google Business Profile page is where you can:

  • Upload photo galleries of your favorite products or store
  • Share links to your website and YouTube channel
  • Customize the page background with a color, image, or video
  • Add hours of operation to help your customers plan their visit

Summing It Up

Google Business Profile saves you time. It takes care of everything related to your listing on Google Maps rather than you doing all the hard work. Moreover, as you’ll be getting more customers, it will help save your money in the long run.

GBP profile makes it easy for potential customers to find your business when looking for anything related to your business. This means that you will get noticed more when looking for your service. 

For example, if there are many listings for carpenters in the local area, then only your profile with the best reviews will attract more people than your competitors. People start searching for brands online before they go ahead and purchase.  

If your business is not available on Google Maps, that’s a huge disadvantage for you. Moreover, people will only contact the businesses which are accessible to them. So, if you want to increase brand awareness among your customers, a GBP profile is one of the best ways to do so.

Key Takeaways:

  • Claim your GBP profile 
  • Respond to reviews for better customer reach and to establish trust
  • Set up messaging so that customers can reach you at ease
  • Write a detailed business description that provides the audience a proper insight into what you’re offering
  • Add your products and services and keep posting about new offers and product launches
  • Publish weekly Google posts and upload new photos, often
  • Ensure that your website is mobile friendly with enticing CTA buttons