Tips on Presenting a Strategic Marketing Plan

Tips on Presenting a Strategic Marketing Plan

Every success story starts with clear goals and a good plan. Things aren't really different if we move the story to the topic of marketing. On the contrary – the abundance of available marketing channels and marketing strategies, as well as shifting trends in the global business arena make the presence of some sort of strategic marketing plan an absolute requirement rather than a novelty.

However, being important as they are, the documents like strategic marketing plans are seldom accepted with unanimous approval and often provoke a lot of debate. And while this multitude of perspectives often leads to more refined solutions, they also tend to dilute the core ideas of such plans.

This problem can be easily avoided by simply communicating the main guiding principles of such a plan in a more effective and clearer manner. Let us see how that can be accomplished.

Understand what is a digital marketing strategy 

Also, you will need to have a pretty good understanding of what this document is used for. This is the only way you will be able to effectively communicate the ideas presented in strategic plans and be able to implement these ideas in real life further down the road. Keeping that in mind, a marketing strategy is a document outlining specific goals achievable through various marketing channels, also outlining the plans for achieving said goals. These plans usually include the following components:

  • Objectives – These objectives need to be clear, vivid, measurable, and attainable.
  • Target audience – The breakdown of your intended buyer personas backed up by thorough market research.
  • Brand message – The brand's unique value proposition that will be communicated to the audience.
  • Buyer’s journey – The road your clients need to pass down your sales funnel.
  • Competitor’s analysis – Competitor’s analysis identifies what you can learn from your competitors and how to outperform them.
  • Methods and channels – Most people see this as the main component of digital marketing strategy, but it should come only after all the previous mentions.

Leverage the documents like business case

This simple move will prove to have numerous benefits. First, and foremost, knowing how to create a business case and having this document in your plans will help you to create a much more detailed and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Second, this broad set of in-depth business knowledge will also have an effect on your presentation skills, since you will be able to back up your claims and defend arguments with much greater confidence. Of course, these efforts should not be limited to business cases exclusively – you should take notice of business plans, business records, and similar mentions.

Understand your target audience

Essentially, strategic marketing plans, much like all other documents, are made with a specific purpose and for a specific audience. Keeping this purpose in mind throughout the conceptual phase down to the very presentation will make the final addressing and plan discussion far easier. So, before engaging in any other effort, learn why is strategic marketing plan being ordered in the first place and by whom. These considerations will help you to produce a document that will have much greater acceptance. When the time finally comes to present it, the audience will have a clearer understanding of its topics.

Grab attention from the get-go

Strategic marketing plan presentations tend to be very procedural and dry. That is why most of the audience members check out which causes them to misinterpret or completely miss vital chunks of information. This problem can be easily avoided if you make sure to grab the audience’s attention from the get-go. You can do that by starting with some hook or using attention-grabbing imagery, staggering numbers, quotations, or even engaging storytelling. Some people think of these strategies as cheap, but as long as they don't dilute your core message you are free to use them as you see fit.

Focus your presentation on the benefits

Once again, we have to go back to the purpose of why strategic marketing plans are made in the first place – the present new marketing strategies that will allow businesses to attract more clients and attain tangible benefits. Well, it turns out that most marketing plan presentations delve too deep into the specifics of the covered marketing strategies without ever pointing out why these plans are important. Focusing your presentation and even plans, for that matter, on these benefits and working backward from these endpoints will give your efforts a much greater sense of purpose and make your pitch more effective.

Be specific in important areas

Last but not least, we would like to point out that, while leveraging various storytelling techniques to keep your audience interested, the point of your strategic marketing plan presentation is outlining tangible facts, preferably in a concise and streamlined manner. When you are outlining this data, excessive wordiness and sugarcoating should be strongly avoided since they make important points less noticeable and relevant. Dropping the act and moving to a more matter-of-factly style of narration will also help the audience discern the less relevant topic from the ones that require 100% attention.

We hope these couple of examples gave you a clearer idea about what a good strategic marketing plan should look like and how you can present it to the intended audience. Strategic marketing plans are incredibly valuable documents that can help one company drastically improve its outreach methods. But, in order for that to be possible, the ideas outlined in this document need to be presented in a clear and understandable manner. Use the tips we gave you and you will be on a good way to meeting these goals.

How to write a complete digital marketing plan?

How to write a complete digital marketing plan?

Having a clear plan helps you determine the most effective digital marketing strategies for your business and put them into action. Digital marketing plans help organize your initiatives in a way that keeps your audience involved, targeted and put into action. Digital Marketing Business Plans are proactive in coordinating departments and integrating digital marketing to make a more significant impact.

1. Define your brand

The first step to a successful digital marketing plan is to define your brand. It's essential to know your brand details to sell them to your audience. Define what makes your company unique. Would you like to bring something to the table that your competitors don't have? Understanding why your business is unique is essential so that you can market it to your audience. 

Digital Marketing For a successful business plan, first define your company's brand and discover your company's uniqueness.

2. Create buyer personas

You can't create an effective digital marketing plan without knowing who you're trying to reach. The next step in a digital marketing plan is to create a buyer persona to define your target audience. 

Buyer personas are fictitious people who characterize the people they want to target to purchase a product or service. You embody your ideal customer and the person most likely to buy into your company. 

 To create a buyer persona, collect information such as: 

  •  Location 
  •  Age 
  •  Income 
  •  Job Title 
  •  Hobbies and Interests 
  •  Goals 

 This is all the great information that will help you shape the buyer's persona.

3. Set your goals

Before you start marketing your target audience, define your goals. It's essential to set goals to determine if your marketing campaign is adequate for your business growth. 

When setting goals, set both large and small goals. Your small goals should help you reach your big goals. 

Let's say your big goal is to increase conversions by 40%. A small goal to reach that goal is to get ten new email subscribers. This small goal helps you achieve your big goal. When setting goals, it is important to set measurable goals. These are also known as SMART goals. Abbreviation for SMART: 

  1.  Specific 
  2.  Measurable 
  3.  Achievable 
  4.  Related 
  5.  Timely 

Measurement should also be accessible. I don't say, "I want to get 50 new email subscribers every quarter", not "I want to get more subscribers". The second goal is specific and easy to measure within the time frame. By setting goals, you can quickly realize your digital marketing business plan.

4. Choose your digital marketing methods.

Choose suitable digital marketing methods if you want to know how to make an effective digital marketing plan. You know who you're trying to reach and your goals, so the next step is figuring out which channels will help you get there. 

 Your business has several methods to reach these leads: 

  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  •  Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)  
  •  Content Marketing 
  •  Marketing email 
  •  Social Media Marketing 
  •  Influencer Marketing 

These are just a few of the channels you can use to reach your audience. As you begin to shape your digital marketing plan, you need to choose the methods you want to use to reach your audience.

5. Set your budget

Your budget is an integral part of your campaign. Before we start implementing the method, we need to know how much we will spend on our digital marketing campaign. With a set marketing budget, you can better allocate your money to the services you need. 

You can set a budget to divide your budget and distribute money to different channels. To get valuable results, you need to balance the amount you want to spend and the amount you want to invest in each channel. 

For example, you could run a PPC campaign for $ 500 per campaign and get some results, but you might think that you wouldn't get the same results as someone who invested $ 1000 in a PPC campaign. 

Knowing how much you can spend within your budget and how much you spend on each channel will help you create a better digital marketing business plan.

6. Measure results

Your digital marketing plan should always include strategies for measuring results. Measuring the results is essential to determine if your company has succeeded in its efforts. It's necessary to constantly monitor your results to make sure you're posting the best campaigns. 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be used to determine the success of a campaign. KPIs are statistics that help you define whether you have achieved your goals. 

If you can't reach your goal, you have the option to rebuild your campaign for better results. You can change and optimize your strategy to better match your consumers.

7. Creating a Marketing Calendar 

 Marketing Calendar to pinpoint exactly when to launch your digital marketing campaigns and initiatives. We also ensure that we are accountable, meet deadlines, and carry out our plans effectively all year round. The calendar also helps ensure that you reach each of the different audience segments consistently throughout the year. Divide the calendar into each month of the year and plan 12 months. This gives you an overall framework and enough time to prepare and run each delivery. Example: 

  • In January, we will publish a training webinar. Before publishing, you need to create slide decks, landing pages, design social media graphics, and more. 
  •  In January and February, promote training webinars through multiple channels, including social media. , Email, video, and PR. 
  •  In March, we will start a weekly updated blog. To do this, you need to determine the topic, assign it to the author, coordinate with the designer, create a blog calendar, and organize the video for embedding.

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Expand Your Company's Marketing Plan

Ways To Expand Your Company's Marketing Plan

Running a business can be an exciting experience. However, it can sometimes be a challenging one as well, especially when you are trying to expand your business and market to a larger audience. While this may feel overwhelming, the good news is that there are many straightforward things you can do to start improving your situation. If you are looking for simple ways to help expand your business without any undue stress, then here are some things to consider.

Research New Avenues

When looking to expand your marketing campaigns, and your business overall, it can be a good idea to do plenty of research to make sure that you are discovering the right avenues for you. There can be a lot to consider when making expansions, so it can be important to make sure that you are going about it the right way. One way to help ensure this is through doing plenty of research.

This can be particularly important when it comes to seeking out a larger audience. While some may think that they can find a new group to market to through trial and error, or by simply expanding their marketing in general, the reality is that it is best to do research to feel out other potential groups that might be particularly interested in your product.

Build a Solid Plan

After you have done your research and figured out some new groups that could be interested in your product or service, it is time to start building a plan to market to them. Whether that plan involves  sales bonuses or a whole new way of approaching your marketing campaigns is up to you. However, it is important that you take the time to plan out your next steps. Even though some may think that it's okay to have a general idea and then wing it, the reality is that having a plan can help ensure that you are making the right choices for your business, and increase your likelihood of success.

Look Into Financial Options

For some, embarking on a new marketing campaign or any type of business expansion may mean that they will need extra funds to carry out these plans. In some situations, even those who have solid plans based on good research may trip themselves up when it comes to the financial aspects of their venture, simply because they don't understand what their options are, or how they can impact their business in the future. By taking stock of your financial situation and making sure what different types of loans entail, like the difference between a line of credit and a traditional loan, you can better ensure that you will make a financial decision that will support your plans and help you to grow your business effectively, rather than hurt it later on down the road.

Tap Into Your Analytics

One of the best places to look when you are doing your research and figuring out how to properly expand is your business's analytics. Your analytics not only tell you how much traffic you are getting, but they also tell you the kinds of keywords that your customers use, as well as their location. This kind of information can help you to deduce is there is a particular geographic location where it would be best to focus your marketing. Additionally, learning the kinds of keywords that get used can be helpful when it comes to updating your marketing, because if you use the same words that customers already think of when they think of your business, it can help to strengthen your marketing overall.

Perfect Your Customer Service

While some may not realize it, customer service is actually an important part of any marketing strategy. This is because when a customer posts a positive review, it is almost like a free ad. However, when a negative review is posted, it can do serious damage to your business's image, especially if your business is small or not very well established yet. The good news is, though, that this can be easy to prevent by offering great customer service. Two key parts of quality customer service include making sure that you address customer issues in a timely manner. This shows them that their concerns are important to you. The second thing is to make sure that you always deal with them in a manner that is friendly and kind, as this lets them know that you value them as a customer.

Running a business can be a lot of work, and it can feel particularly stressful if you are taking steps to expand your marketing efforts, and your business as a whole. While this can come with some challenges, the good news is that it can be easy to do, if you take the time to do your research, and build solid plans.