3 Killer Facebook Ad Types You Probably Aren’t Using (Yet)

While the Creative Hub is riddled with superlative examples of big brands (with creative teams and swollen bankrolls) launching neat stuff on Facebook, it can be difficult to envision, say, an accountant or plumber or three-person startup creating Canvas ads. That doesn’t mean you need to stay married to the same old static image creative (but hey, if it’s working, don’t abandon it: expand). In fact, there are a handful of alternative ad types that can jumpstart your Facebook ad strategy that don’t require you go out and find yourself a Jon Hamm knockoff with a MacBook Pro. With that, here are the three Facebook ad types you probably aren’t using yet (but definitely need to roll out across your account ASAP)… Underutilized Facebook Ad Type #1: Offer Ads You’ve structured your account perfectly… Your audiences have achieved peak granularity… You’re still not moving units. Sometimes you just need to start a fire under someone’s ass to make them act. And, for many bargain-starved browsers, a good ol’ fashioned promotional discount is the perfect prod to incite a purchase. So, why not sweeten the deal with a Facebook offer ad? Offer ads are one of the best ways to get peoples’ attention on Facebook and prompt them to act. They provide you with a handful of options in terms of the form and exclusivity of the promotion you’re pitching, and can serve as the perfect complement to your existing promotion-centric advertising efforts. If you sell your wares online, prospects […]

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