Why Social Media Ads are Key to Unlocking Sales for SME’s

Why Social Media Ads are Key to Unlocking Sales for SME’s

“Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov . (Ex VP – Content, Hubspot)

For an Entrepreneur who has decided to start an online business, the challenges that exist are immense. Getting the venture to break-even is the primary goal in the long run. In-spite of having a tremendous business idea that has massive potential, the business owner still faces one vital problem – Getting the word out about his/her business idea and grow organically via increased conversions and site visits.

Why are traditional advertising mediums not suitable for SME’s?

Television, Print, Radio and OOH advertising are most certainly potent, but they come at a heavy cost. It is hard for perennially cash strapped SME’s to afford expensive marketing campaigns. SME’s will directly compete with big brands who don’t have any spending restrictions. Industry giants can continue to run campaigns for an extended time period. But for smaller players, it will mean annihilation as they would exhaust their minimal cash resources without extracting any realistic ROI. Digital Marketing has become hugely popular with brands as people are increasingly spending countless hours scouring social media for work and pleasure. But most importantly, it is a targeted and cost effective method for brands to reach out to their audience. Although it has several aspects, we will be talking specifically about Social Media Ads in this post. Let us look at 2 fundamental online strategies that can help you get more customers, and […]

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