New Global Study Reveals Gaps In Digital Engagement In The Largest Companies

LEWIS, the global integrated communications agency, has launched the inaugural LEWIS Global Marketing Engagement Index.

The Index is a marketing analysis of the world’s 300 largest public companies1 and reveals that the majority of the world’s largest 300 public companies are failing to look at their marketing mix as one cohesive function.

The study postulates that to deliver more integrated customer experiences, we must herald a new era in marketing: Quantified Engagement. The analysis is based on a proprietary methodology across 10 categories including security, personalization, social media, response time, and user experience, called the LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker (LEWIS MET). The report reveals significant marketing inconsistencies across many of those profiles, especially on a regional level. Despite differences in category strengths and weaknesses, the average scores for companies in the Americas and EMEA were close.

Social media remains a megaphone rather than a channel to engage and interact with customers. The hackability of websites was much higher than expected, including within industries where security is paramount.

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