DesignEvo: Creating Online Logo in 4 Simple Steps

Would you like to design a free logo without downloading anything for your web page, social media account or company? I seem to hear you say we do.

DesignEvo serves as a free cloud-based logo creation application. And it offers you all the tools you need to create your corporate identity.

In fact, we have introduced such sites before. You can check out another article that we share similar sites from our article on free logo making sites.

It is an easy to use application with millions of icons, graphics, objects, shapes, badges, fonts and other design elements. By pushing your design limits, you can customize these tools to create a unique and unique logo design.

To start logo design, first select an icon. This will represent your brand definition. For example; You can find the icon that suits you by entering a keyword like food, games, education, coffee or similar.

You can enter a text for the logo. You can format this text in any of hundreds of fonts. Font size, style and effect can be changed in a few clicks.

With DesignEvo, you can incorporate existing objects into your logo design. In addition, the background colour can be changed. You can test how the logo looks in different views by playing with the background colour.

When you finish the design, you can download the logo without any watermark by clicking the “Download” link. The file you downloaded; It contains three different image files, JPG, PNG and transparent PNG.

Without any design capability, you get what you want in 4 short steps:

  1. Add Kanvasa icons and graphics
  2. Add and edit text
  3. Edit colours and other settings for each object
  4. Download logo

DesignEvo is easy and convenient for everyone to design a logo. Unlike other apps, you don’t need to download anything.

If you experience problems with the application, in use or elsewhere, you can get help by writing comments.

A similar application is available. Just like this site, there is a chance to design for free and to design all the elements of corporate identity. You can read the following article for that site.

Good designs for everyone!

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