How to Leverage Social Media for Marketing

Five things every business owner should know about social media to drive new business in this digital age When social media first came along and consumer brands began using it, many in the pro security industry were skeptical. More than once I heard marketers question the likelihood of anyone inquiring about a costly and complex physical security solution via Facebook or Twitter.

This mindset is changing as industry professionals continue to recognize that social media can significantly improve their marketing programs and outcomes. From Cisco to IBM to Oracle, the biggest brands in the B-to-B world have embraced the power of social media, and for good reason. Strategic digital marketing programs make it possible to capitalize on social media as an important vehicle to drive results in the form of qualified sales leads.

So should you just put up a profile on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and start posting?

The answer is no. We see brands doing this all the time, and most are probably wondering why they’re not generating leads from their efforts. The fact is, you can post on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn every day and never see any meaningful results. If you want to get on board with the new media model and start using social media as part of your marketing program – and you definitely should – there are a few things you should know before you begin.

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