What a Development Team Can Teach You About Agile Digital Marketing

In this article, Sarah Fruy, Director of Online Marketing at Pantheon, draws on her personal experience working with a development team and how she applied agile approaches to typical marketing tasks. Sarah describes different elements that make a development team efficient; then, she relates those elements to digital marketing professionals and provides actionable strategies for them to apply to their current marketing problems.

Ultimately, Sarah explains why marketers should start adopting an agile digital marketing mindset to accomplish their goals. From a distance, development and marketing teams might appear to have little in common. But if you take another look, a development team’s methodology can easily translate into the inner workings of a marketing team’s goals and needs. Take pair programming, for example. This generally known approach allows two programmers to work together at one station.

While one team member writes the code, the other reviews each line for accuracy and bugs. Additionally, if one programmer gets stuck on a complex line of code, the other is there to offer ideas and get to a resolution faster. Surprisingly, studies show that this approach only slows the process by 15 per cent, and with a marginal reduction in speed comes a number of compelling advantages. The main benefit is a 15 per cent decrease in the number of bugs in the code, which can save time down the road when it comes to proofing the finished product.

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