Local SEO Marketing in 2018 – Complete Solution Guide

Here is a really great article from Antonio Coleman to get you going with Local SEO.

Local search is the bloodline of all local businesses who want to gain a competitive edge. This year will bring success to millions of local businesses if they implement the new and latest techniques. In this guide, I will cover every single part of building your local online presence to be found by the thousands. Small businesses need to take advantage of this guide because studies show that 9 out of 10 customers use the power of search to find local businesses .

The simple truth about it if you’re not among the businesses that are optimized for 2018 then you will miss out. Search traffic will be your #1 choice of building your business brand, traffic and revenue growth this year. The key is that the things I will explain can mostly be done free of charge. So your goal for this year is to implement these actions and put your business on the highway to success.

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