How we work

Adlibweb has been active as a digital marketing agency since 1999 – that’s before digital marketing had even been defined! Since then we have delivered over 500 projects to clients from all over the world from China to the USA from Sweden to Spain. Indeed our niche is working with customers that need to address customers in different countries, languages and cultures.

What makes us different is knowing how to simultaneously tackle multilingual multicultural digital marketing.

We are a professional digital marketing agency whose goal is to support our clients to achieve their business objectives through working with us as a trusted digital marketing partner.

We like to keep to the highest professional standards. This means the quality of our work, our dedication and the methods we choose to use in our work.

We have specialist knowledge and experience in all things digital and we’ve put together an expert team which has been built on over a decade of experience. Whether it’s web design, SEO, or digital marketing, we’re highly skilled and work to industry leading practices. One of key our strengths is that we are a small multicultural team with over 50 years of combined consultancy and marketing experience worldwide.

We focus on our clients success. We develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships built on results and respect. In return, our clients receive an outstanding end result and we develop a lasting business partnership. The fact that we have been with many of our clients for over 10 years is a mark of this success – see some of the case studies we have put together for some of these clients.

What is our culture?

Our culture is based on transparency and open mindedness. We are right on the ocean (it is 10m from the window) and we have views that are spectacular – it fills us with creativity, positive energy and sunshine. We are all foodies and at least some of us take fasting and vegetarianism as a way of life. We exercise – if you call at lunchtime we may well be running, power walking or swimming in the sea. There is generally indie music playing from someone’s Spotify list – take a look at our favourites.

We adapt to our clients needs. That’s not just bull! We really try to form part of their team and blend with their culture and that is why we don’t always end up working with all the clients that request our services – sometimes their culture is just too far removed for us to be able to blend. We are very ethical and we do not carry out any activities or practices that are under the radar or blatantly against the rules or recommendations even if they may get short term results.

We deliver on time or ahead of time, ask some of our clients. Part of this is making sure that deadlines are reasonable and our years of experience allow us to make good judgement calls on what can be done in a given timeframe. We have found time and time again that the critical factor is ensuring that the material we need to move a project forward is available to us.

How do we keep a digital marketing project on track?

A key part of the skill set we bring to a project is realistic and effective project management:

  • a good understanding of the project needs
  • rational and realistic planning
  • keeping the momentum up and keeping the team motivated
  • knowing when to escalate
  • great communication
  • understanding and planning for the potential downsides
  • communicating successes and progress

Obviously we use tools to help us with the development and implementation of projects such as:

  • Trello – for project management
  • Highrise – for CRM
  • Dropbox – for file sharing
  • GitHub – for code sharing
  • Skype – for conference calls
  • Gmail and Google docs – for everything else
  • Spotify – for keeping in the groove and sane.

Very importantly we have a process. A process that delivers based on definitions of objectives, early win identification and realisation and a collaborative implementation that ties in all the key stakeholders and does not forget the essential role of monitoring the success of the project.