How to Use Offline Marketing Tools in Order to Improve Your Brand Online

In the past few years, business owners have realized the importance of digital marketing and now every company has a Facebook or Instagram page. However, just because we live in the digital age, it does not mean that we can neglect the more traditional ways of advertising. The best marketing approach involves a combination of all the tools you have available, so take a look at some of the best offline techniques which can boost your brand’s online presence.

Make business cards

Some people think that business cards are outdated, but the truth is quite different. Business cards offer many benefits and that is why they are still widely used all over the world. Having a business card on you when you meet a potential new client or partner shows your professionalism and you’ll also make sure they remember you. This approach is quite budget-friendly when you opt for bulk printing. However, you have to make sure that the cards you create are unique and memorable. Add your logo, slogan, website address and where people can find you on social media.

Give out promotional material

People love free stuff! That’s a fact. This is why you should look into creating some branded merchandise. You can put your name, logo and website on various items. T-shirts, caps, travel mugs, umbrellas, flash drives, and so many other things can be used to spread brand awareness and recognition. People using these products will be advertising you without even paying attention to it. This might require a bit more money than business cards, but it can really get the word out about your company.

Put up advertising signs

Probably the easiest way to grab people’s attention is by putting up various advertising signs all over town. There are so many options here; you can utilize just some or all of them. For example, you can set up billboards which show your current sales, promotions and discounts. Another option would be to install signs showing the way to your store or office. In case you don’t have a storefront, you can add QR codes for people to scan. It can take them to your social media pages or website. Moreover, you can take advantage of fence mesh banners around construction sites or secluded areas and put all your info there so that people can easily find you online. Other options include car decals and stickers as well as using air dancers around your premises.

Take part in local events

You have a great chance of meeting new people and acquiring leads, customers and partners by attending various local events. Take part in trade fairs in your field of work. You should set up a customized booth where people can approach you and talk to you. Make sure you have examples of your product on hand, and use display boxes or cases to better emphasize them. This is a great opportunity to give them your card and some promo material as they will be reminded of you once they get home. They might look you up on social media and follow you to stay in touch with your brand. Moreover, you should join local associations and organizations so that you know when a new event is coming up.

Advertise on TV, radio and newspapers

If your budget allows you to invest in TV commercials, you should definitely do it. However, keep in mind that the ad should be unique, attractive and well-made. If you release a cheap-looking, poorly edited clip, the customers will probably not be interested in what you are offering. Moreover, radio commercials are still quite popular and effective. Come up with a catchy jingle that will stay in people’s minds or tell a memorable story. Just make sure that your website address is clearly distinguishable so that people have no trouble finding you online. In addition, look into any niche-specific publications and see how much advertising space costs. Maybe you can even get an article published or score an interview, which will definitely boost your traffic.

Use direct mail

Many business owners believe that email marketing is more effective than direct mail but a study showed that it is actually the other way around. The designing, printing and mailing can cost a lot of money but this method can also bring great results. People keep these materials around their house and see your web address several times a day. They are bound to visit it eventually.

Don’t forget about cold calls

Yes, some people can be rude and unpleasant on the phone, but you will also find people who are interested in your products or services. That is why cold calling is not dead. Some people appreciate a personal touch and like when they can directly talk to a business about their offer. However, make sure you have clear objectives and message. With some practice, you are guaranteed to make new customers. If they are happy with your representative, they can even go online and leave you a good review.

Implementing these seven offline techniques is really not difficult and it can put you ahead of your competition. You don’t have to do it all at once, but you should start combining your digital approach with the traditional one as soon as you can. Good luck!

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    Great post. I used to have so many questions about offline marketing tools. But after reading your post, I completely how to do it. Thank you so much