How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn

According to data more than 80% of B2B leads sourced from social media come from LinkedIn. But not many brands or individuals get massive results from the platform because they don’t use the correct strategy to leverage the platform.

Getting results from LinkedIn requires consistently putting in long-term efforts and being patient with the platform. Here are some ways you can do it:

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

To get leads on LinkedIn the first and foremost step is to make your profile worth connecting to. How can you do this? By completing every aspect of your profile with these steps:

  • Upload a professional profile picture like a headshot or a logo along with a solid background
  • Add a professional headline that summarizes you or your brand’s role crisply
  • Fill up all sections like recommendations, testimonials, etc

2. Target the decision-makers and have an outreach strategy

Whether you are an individual or a brand, think about which person you should ideally target on LinkedIn to generate leads. For instance, if you are a freelance content writer who is looking for a client on LinkedIn, the ideal persons to target will be:

  • Marketing manager
  • Content manager
  • SEO specialist

You can create a hit list of hyper-targeted prospects and send these people connection requests with personalized messages. Also, engage with their posts consistently and try to nurture a relationship with them through DMs. Eventually, pitch your service to them and try to get on a call to convert. 

Reaching out to people via DMs isn’t the only route, as you can also use the sales navigator for lead generation. You can use it to dig up the email addresses of potential leads and reach out to them via email. 

3. Put lead generation on autopilot with content marketing

The best way to generate cold leads on LinkedIn is by establishing your thought leadership and industry expertise through posting content consistently. Educate your prospects and solve their problems through your content to improve your chances of getting noticed.

Bonus tips:

  • Have a CTA at the end of every post
  • Post actionable content that can be quickly implemented
  • Repurpose content from other platforms

Some content ideas that work best on the platform:

  • How to’s and best tips
  • Strategies and action plan
  • Best resources
  • Industry news, updates, etc.
  • Informative articles
  • Storytelling posts
  • Opinions on an industry topic
  • Bursting myths

4. Follow up with old leads before targeting new ones

When you don’t follow up on an old lead, you will miss out on the chance of a conversion. Before you go ahead and target a new list of prospects, remind your old leads who did not respond to your message or responded and then forgot about your offer. Three days is an ideal duration for a follow-up.

5. Leverage the premium feature

If you want to speed up your entire lead generation process, a premium account can help you more than anything else. A premium account offers many additional features such as InMail, advanced search, access to information about people who viewed your profile, etc.

These features can help you generate more leads because:

  • You can narrow your search completely with so many filters and hyper-target only a few people to increase your chances of conversion.
  • With InMail, you can even message people who you think might be your target audience but are not in your network.
  • When you have a list of people who have directly viewed your profile, you can easily generate warm leads. These people are already interested in you, and the chances of conversion are higher.

But before investing in a premium account, make sure you are already getting some results. A premium account is only a great option when you want to amplify your already decent lead generation results.

6. Join groups where your ideal prospects hang out

LinkedIn groups are a hidden goldmine. Find out active groups within your industry where your target audience is actively posting their requirements, sharing ideas, etc. Make it a point to routinely engage in these groups and make yourself visible.

To find the right groups to join:

  • Conduct a group search. Type your keyword in the search bar, and select “Groups.
  • Or you can click on the “Work” tab in your top menu and click on “Groups.”
  • Then, click on “Discover.” and by default, the groups will be filtered according to your industry. 
  • Click on the groups that you find the most relevant. Check out the admins and the mutual connections and see if the goals of the group align with yours.
  • Get familiar with the rules of the group before you join the group. Some groups do not allow promotional content other groups have rules for activity levels, etc.

Now generate some LinkedIn leads

LinkedIn when utilized effectively can generate more leads than other platforms. If you adopt the correct strategies and be consistent on this platform, you can convert your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation machine. 

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