How Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt Digital Marketing (And Why You Should Care)

Blockchain technology is set to disrupt digital marketing in unprecedented ways, making it essential for marketers to keep a close eye on blockchain innovations. In a conversation with Ameer Rosic, CEO of Blockgeeks, he stated that the real revolution in cryptocurrency isn’t bitcoin but the potential for innovations due to blockchain technology. As a serial entrepreneur, I’m paying close attention to how blockchain is going to impact digital marketing.

Blockchain Technology Returns Control to Consumers Blockchain-based protocols will impact purchases, delivery, metrics, and value of your future digital marketing campaigns. “Blockchain will allow consumers to take control of the ads they see and, hopefully, give advertisers a modern, sophisticated means to producing high-quality leads,” Brian Hart of Inc. explained . How? The integration of the Basic Attention Program, or Basic Attention Token (BAT), has the potential to shift digital marketing from the middleman to the user. What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)? Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a blockchain digital marketing technology that will send the middleman packing.

It is the token used by BRAVE , a new browser launched by the creator of Firefox. Its main utility is to let consumers maintain total control of their personal information and browsing history. At the same time BAT allows marketers to get more accurate consumer data. The current state of digital marketing involves far too many middlemen who simply sell off consumer data with little regard to accuracy, or personal security. BAT can disrupt this.

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