ActiveCampaign: Email Automisation Review

When digital marketers start talking about email marketing, immediately the idea of spam comes to mind, doesn’t it? This is because many of us, as users, receive daily emails that end up in that folder of our mailbox.  There’s a lot you can do to stop this.

But … what do you know about automating your email marketing?

ActiveCampaign Advantages

It has a ton of features

We could just list them all but take a look at their video:

ActiveCampaign is a scalable tool

Without a doubt, one of the characteristics that we always look for in tools we use is that they grow as our business grows.  Well, as far as ActiveCampign offers several different plans according to the number of subscribers and the current needs of your online business.  Here’s an example for 500 users:


If you are starting I always recommend going to the Lite Version of a few subscribers that comes at a very cheap price (just $9/month for 500 contacts).  The Lite price increases to $39 / Month for a list of 2,500 and $111 for 10,000 contacts.

If you are also looking for a CRM, personalized designer support, the ability to send SMS’s (only available in the USA), etc., then you would be interested in a larger plan, such as the Professional Plan ($279 for 10,000 contacts).

You can also sign up free for a month's trial.

Emails sent from the platform are deliverable!

One of the most important characteristics when choosing an email marketing provider is its reputation against email managers such as Gmail, etc.

The folk over at EmailToolTester carried out the definitive deliverability test and this is what they found:


As you can see best in class taking into account the last three rounds of tests (they do them every 6 months or so) shows ActiveCampign to be right up there.

Integration with Third Party Platforms

Another important feature for us (and that you also have to take into account) is the fact that there is clear integration with third-party platforms

Service providers such as landing page creators or data capture pages such as LeadPages or Landingi, webinars such as WebinarJam, WebinarNinja, etc. are all fully integrated with ActiveCampaign the same as Mailchimp –  king of integration.

Active Campaign is an increasingly well-known tool in the marketer community, so all these service providers take it into account, such as Mailchimp, the queen of integration.

With ActiveCampaign you can quickly create a flow of automatic emails in a simple way.

ActiveCampign’s real strength lies in the ease at which you can automate your email workflows.

In addition, they allow you to do split tests on that same automation.

One of the most important features that you should keep in mind when choosing an email marketing system is its ability to create automation workflows easily. Automation is the key to capture, promote and sell your products and services on autopilot while you sleep. It is a constantly evolving tool

Legal Aspects in the USA and Europe

ActiveCampaign has updated its tracking code to adapt to compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or GDPR, which became effective as of May 25, 2018.

From that date, if you use ActiveCampaign and have contacts of European citizens, or on the contrary you are outside the EU but you are managing personal data of users belonging to the EU, your users have to give you their consent so that you can use their data.

Equally the new CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) is also covered by ActiveCampaign but the onus is on the buisness to make sure that their list of contacts is legally sourced and they undertake not to disclose the data.

Other advantages

  • Active Campaign allows you to make as many lists as you want (subscriber, customer, old customer, prospect, buyer product A, buyer product B, etc.) without charging for duplication of contact unlike Mailchimp does charge.
  • Active Campaign works with the tag system and can create as many tags as you want and organize your contacts.
  • With premium plans it allows you to change the url to give it a more brand touch although there is a trick so that you do not need to have a premium plan and your branding (brand perception) is maintained although it will carry a part of that domain with the name of Active Campaign
  • The subject matter tests can be for 2, 3, 4, 5,… matters at the same time.
  • They send you a lot of information so that you get the most out of the tool.
  • It has free automation flow templates.
  • They an extremely good free training programme

Disadvantages of ActiveCampaign

It has a relatively difficult learning curve

Like any tool you start using, it has its learning curve.  Do not be afraid to screw up. You have to move on. No Fear

As long as you understand what is behind email marketing, any tool will be a piece of cake. The hardest thing to understand is how your potential customers interact with your campaigns. The tool itself is not a guarantee of success but your message and you cannot control it with one tool or another.

The templates are not as well designed as Mailchimp

One of the things that are most obvious are the design of its templates. While it is true that it has a very simple system of creating email marketing campaigns, it is also true that their templates are not so attractive as Mailchimp, which has always stood out for its beauty when sending a message.

I am one of those who think that we must first analyze and define objectives and then design. You will not have problems in making campaigns as beautiful as in Mailchimp. The problem is that it gives you the feeling that it is not like that first.

The analytics are not so intuitive and easy to interpret

Figuring out the overall success of a mail campaign is paramount.  Unfortunately, ActiveCampign does not have the best analytics package – it is complex but complete.

Image from ActiveCampaign

However, I have to tell you that it is a matter of getting used to and understanding where each parameter represented and KPI is located.

Other Disadvantages

  • Export of your complete account. It does not allow you to export your entire account including campaigns, drafts, etc. In ActiveCampaign you can only export your contacts.
  • It doesn’t allow you to test how the campaign would look on devices like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Unless you buy credits. Yes, it shows you a desktop and mobile view but it is not specific to the devices. However, I thought it was important, but I realized with time that it is not necessary either.
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