6 Essential Tips for Online Reputation Management

As the internet has become more and more of a permanent fixture in our lives, it is now paramount for modern business owners to maintain a good reputation online, even if those businesses aren’t particularly online-orientated. Many of us turn to the internet first to source places to buy products and services: seeking everything from prom dresses to plumbers; copywriters to craft beer; Nintendo Switches to notaries. All business owners want to make a good impression, both online and offline, but the prospect of “online reputation management” sometimes sounds like a daunting prospect. However, I assure you it really isn’t! Let’s take a close look at 6 things you can start today to ensure that your business’s online appearance stays in tip top shape. 1. What Are People Saying About You? Firstly, you need to make yourself aware of what people are saying about you online. Take stock of all of the places your company is present on the web – review sites (such as Yell or TripAdvisor), business listing sites (such as Cylex), and social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, et al). Have you received any reviews or comments that you weren’t aware of? Have any clients, both happy or otherwise, mentioned your company on social media? Have you responded to any of this input? Schedule in some time to get yourself back up to speed, and make a point of doing so periodically, at least a few times a month. I know this sounds like a big commitment, […]

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