You Can’t Dabble In Inbound Marketing

You Can’t Dabble In Inbound Marketing
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Waypost Marketing has been in our industry for almost 15 years, watching it grow from the all-you-need-is-a-website stage all the way to today’s competitive-on-every-imaginable-platform phase.

We have a level of perspective and experience that many other digital marketing companies just don’t have, giving us a unique ability to follow the current trajectory and see where digital marketing is headed from here.

If you’ve read our blogs in the past, you’ll likely already be familiar with the ZMOT (if you’re not, you should be!). You’ll understand what we mean when we talk about the New Buyer Mentality, and the way that old-school sales tactics just don’t work any longer.

Your strategy must be authentic, your selling process organic, and you must be participating in the Buyer’s Journey from the beginning of the research process until long after your prospects have made their decision.

Inbound Marketing is the only option.

From time to time, we run across people who are skeptical of digital marketing, Inbound Marketing, and marketing automation. They feel like they tried all of that and it didn’t work for them. They gave it a go, wrote a few blogs, tweeted a little, and they couldn’t point to any demonstrable success.

Maybe you feel the same. Maybe you’re reading this piece, and you’re asking yourself…

“Why did I fail at Inbound Marketing?”

Well, first of all, you haven’t failed yet. The odds are good that you’ve simply bitten off more than you can chew.

You’re not alone! Maybe you figured throwing a blog post up on your site every now and then would be all you needed to do to keep “fresh content” showing up and keep The Google happy. Maybe you posted a few pictures on Facebook several months ago.

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Maybe you even purchased a marketing automation software like HubSpot, figuring it would do all the work for you, simplifying your life — only to discover that its features are overwhelming, and you almost don’t know where to start.

We get it. You thought that digital marketing would be easy, quick, and launch you into explosive growth without too much effort. Maybe you even scoffed at companies like ours when you found out how much we charge.

You can’t dabble in Inbound Marketing, though, and here’s why:

Inbound Marketing is a big machine to operate.

You have to start with a road map to success, which means you have to know exactly what counts as success in your industry. You have to establish where you’re trying to go, set SMART goals, and put together an action plan for how to get there.

When you’re putting that plan together, you have to keep a few things in mind…

There are a lot of pieces.

Inbound Marketing is defined as a set of tactics. It’s not just one thing or even three, but a series of actions that all go together to create a successful marketing strategy. You need to know which steps you need to take — and you’d be surprised at how often people are wrong about this! — and how they integrate with each other.

Not only that, you have to know the best practices for each tactic. Keep reading …

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