Why is social media listening is important in financial services?

3 examples demonstrating the benefits of social listening for financial services In a decade, social media has gone from somewhere we share photos of our cat, rant about politics, get passionate about sport, and learn how to use eyeliner – to a vital part of a company’s marketing strategy (although there are still a lot of cats). While most industries jumped on board, according to Marketo , the Financial Services Industry (FSI) is still falling short. This post is based on a white paper written in collaboration with Hootsuite, that presents three use cases demonstrating what the FSI will gain by understanding and engaging with social media. If you’d like to read the full white paper and see examples of banks that are winning and losing on social media, you can download it here, How the Financial Services Industry Can Use Social Media to Drive Business Advantage . It targets the finance sector, but, the real-life scenarios and advice apply to any industry. Take a look! Where are Users Talking? In general, the finance sector does at least have a presence on social media. But, it’s not engaging with its audience, so it’s wasting its time. 74% of consumers use social media to guide their purchasing decisions. With brand marketing often overlooked, we go to our peers for product reviews and recommendations. We want quick, effective, and personalized customer services. We know our own worth and the value of our personal data. We expect – no, we demand that […]

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