Why An Instagram Account Is Important For Your Business In 2018

With the rise of social media since the advent of Facebook in 2005, the past decade has seen social media being used for all kinds of reasons, from transmitting news to marketing brands. Roughly two-third of the American population — about 68% — claims that they at least have a Facebook account with three-fourths of these using it on a daily basis.

Since the launch of the photo sharing platform Instagram in 2010, it has been growing steadily with a massive boost in users in 2017 where it saw a growth of 100 million new users within a month.

It has now become one of the leading social media platforms, especially for people belonging to the 18–24 years age demographic.

With a monthly active user rate of around 800 million, it is one of the places where ads and marketing strategies are most likely to reach a very large and diverse audience. And with the recent updated algorithms of Instagram — such as the feature of adding links to stories — marketing your brand has become ten times easier.

In 2018, Instagram plans on focusing on providing a better platform for marketing by improving and updating its algorithm. Instagram ads are quickly going to become paid affairs. So how is this supposed to be good for your business? It will help you by saturating the number of ads there are on the platform currently so that those that pay stick out from the crowd.

Ads on social media cost far less than getting billboards, signboards and posters printed. Promotional content on Instagram are dirt cheap compared to other promotional strategies, and are also extremely targeted.

Boosting posts for a little money will allow more and more people to view the content you post and will increase traffic to your page by the hundreds. Boosting posts is far easier than setting up specific Instagram ads and targeting. This can be daunting and overwhelming for new Instagram users or those with small businesses, which is why it might be easier to consider finding an Instagram marketing service to do your job for you.

With marketing becoming an increasingly important feature for Instagram, shopping via the app is now possible with the advent of Instagram Stories. These can be used to drive traffic to your website with a call of action followed by the option to access your website with the “See More option.

The Stories will actually be your secret weapon, as more and more businesses plan on targeting the feature for promotional purposes — exactly, a rise of 30% in 2018 from 8% in 2017. With millions of people glued to their stories each day, you are sure to reach a great more number of people through these than on any other platform.

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