Which SEO Tool to choose – Mangools, SEMRush or SEO PowerSuite

There are hundreds of services and applications dedicated to SEO, and of course, we have not used them all but we have tried a good number of them, so let’s look at a few of them with choices for every budget.

All the SEO tools below can be tested for free and then you can continue with the paid version although many features are free forever. For example, reporting may not be allowed or even saving the project.  Try the free versions of these SEO tools and then choose the one that best fits your requirements and budget.

These SEO tools are complete suites that will help you get more quality visits, improve ROI (Return on Investment) and therefore the profit you get thanks to your website (or your websites/blogs).

Prioritize what is necessary

It is very tempting to think that you need all the features of the tools, but, whe it comes down to it, you don’t use more than half. That is why it is necessary that you first analyze what your work needs. If you only have to examine and monitor keywords, or study competitive strategies, perhaps analyzing offsite links or performing an onsite check is unnecessary.

Data volume

This is important because some tools have limits on the number of crawled URLs, projects to create or keywords to analyze. Therefore, it all depends on the size of the projects you have.

Your budget

In the end, many of the decisions about whether or not to pay for some SEO functionality go through here. If you have an important budget, allocating part of it to work with the best is a good idea, as long as they meet your goals.

If, in addition, you have the secured investment for a long period of time (over a year), much better, since if you hire them every 12 months it will be much cheaper.

Reliability of the information

Out there in internet land, you can find all kinds of websites that “are supposed to” give you any SEO positioning data you need. However, we advise you to be careful, as some of the sites that offer certain free positioning functions do not provide guarantees on their sources of information. Always ensure that they have reliable documentation and that the way to collect the data is correct.

The three tools that are listed below can all be vouched for – we use them ourselves.

Report Presentation

Do you do SEO for yourself or for third parties? If yours is the second case, you should assess the reporting functionality of each tool. Obviously, if you are a professional who works for other companies, we understand that you are interested in payment.

When choosing among them, the style, automation and presentation of reports should also be a variable to consider. A poorly designed SEO report can make you take the wrong decisions. In addition, the client will not be comfortable with the result visually.

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