Which CMS you should use

Building a new website? Trying to decide what CMS to build it on? There are plenty of great systems to choose from. How do you pick which one to use?

Price can be one determining factor there are a number of proprietary systems that give you great support and an easy to use interface but you’ll have to pay. Other systems let you figure it out yourself for free but you might end up paying developers later if you need to add functionality.

It is also important to compare features. It’s always wise to list the functions your site needs to perform, and check that they are readily available on your selected CMS. Particularly if you plan to include e-commerce, the platform you choose will have a big impact on the features available.

Security can be another deal breaker. A widely used open source CMS can be a target for hackers looking to exploit security flaws so it is important to know, how these have been dealt with in the past, and that development of the software is ongoing.

If you need some help making your decision, check out this great resource to help you figure out what CMS suits you: https://www.quikclicks.com.au/infographics/cms-review-comparison-2019/

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