What’s the value proposition of your branded videos?

What’s the value proposition of your branded videos?
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Your branded video may be good content, but what value does it bring the viewer?

More and more people are turning to social media, especially YouTube to learn new things.

Indeed ‘how to’ videos are now the most popular content on YouTube, ahead of even music and gaming.

When producing a branded video, the ones most likely to get shared, liked and commented on are those that the viewer — your target customers — find value in and that they believe would also be valuable for their peers.

Identifying the value proposition of your content before you start producing it is a good way to ensure you are creating a video your target customers will enjoy watching.

For example, if you are a beauty brand, teaming up with a beauty creator on YouTube and collaborating with them to make a makeup tutorial with your products offers a clear value proposition for the viewer.

Looking at the value your content is giving to the audience is also a good way to avoid falling into the trap of creating a branded video that is too much like an advertisement.

In the same way viewers skip ads on YouTube or skim past them in their other social media feeds, they will tune out of videos during which the brand message dominates too much of the content.

But combining your message in a video that is made with the viewers in mind, that puts their viewing experience at the forefront during its creation and offers them something valuable in return for their attention is more likely to gain the views, retention rates and clicks that deliver the best return on investments in branded content.

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That’s not to say brands are limited to tutorial or educational content, there is high value in entertainment too and often these videos are the most shared.

The trick is understanding the audience and what is most likely going to be beneficial to them, whether in learning something, emotively or in furthering the latest trending topic on the platform.

If you know your target customers and have the resources to hand, branded videos can be made in house and this does have the advantage that as a brand you retain all the control.

However there are also advantages to teaming up with social media creators. They have a ready growing and engaged audience that eagerly anticipates their content. In terms of creating valuable content, they are also well placed to judge what will work and what won’t as their viewership already deems their videos valuable and that’s why they tune in week after week so working with creators can eliminate some of the pain points of making branded videos.

If you are making branded videos that are weighted towards the audience and offer them obvious value as opposed to simply offering your brand message then branded video can be a particularly successful marketing tool.

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