What’s next for targeted digital advertising?

In March this year the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke and the ensuing privacy crisis shed light on how companies harvest and use consumers’ personal data . It’s not the first time data privacy has made the front page, and it’s safe to say it definitely won’t be the last. With GDPR upon us, the murky depths of data privacy have been thrust into the spotlight. This perfect storm of data-driven headlines means consumers are more aware than ever of the issues around the use of their personal data. Consequently, they’re becoming more sensitive towards the repercussions of its usage. So, what does this mean for marketers, particularly in relation to targeted digital advertising? If you can’t see the product, you’re the product Prior to Cambridge Analytica, most consumers recognised their data was being used for advertising purposes – to some extent. However, they probably weren’t aware of the volume of data being harvested, and the value it held when being sold on to third parties. Former British retailer Gamestation made a statement about the lack of attention we afford to terms and conditions with a media stunt on April 1 st 2010. The company temporarily added a clause transferring ownership of the soul of anyone making an online purchase on that date to the business owner. We have short memories, though. How many of us go through the T&Cs for our online purchases, especially the ‘free’ ones such as mobile apps or those on social media sites? Facebook is […]

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