What the Heck is Marketing?

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The definition of marketing is different for everyone. Some people over complicate it, some people over simplify and misunderstand it. Some business think that only advertising is marketing. Some people think that marketing and marketers are evil and are brainwashing society. This article is here to tell you that what marketing is, is a very simple concept, yet it entails a rabbit hole of possibilities and endless creativity.

Value Communication in your own world

All marketing is, is the effective communication of value from one thing to another thing. You as a person markets yourself every day. This is manifested as how you talk and interact with the world around you. From how you dress, to how you speak, to what you say and so forth. This is a manifestation of you marketing yourself in order to build your own personal brand. To extrapolate on this in a business sense, marketing entails one thing — your business communicating value to consumers.

Value Communication in your Business

The perspective of marketing being a value communication exercise, means that the sole purpose of your business is as a value engine. Value coming in the forms of products and services that your business provides on a day to day basis. Social media and email communications that aim to build relationships, awareness and inform customers. Or even seeming overlooked interactions such as distribution methods, intended or unintended environmental and social impacts your business has, and staff or employee interactions — both internal and external.

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The Two-way Street of Value

Now as with all communication, value is a two-way street. Its obvious how a business is supposed to communicate value, but consumers too also create value. The consumers that your business interacts with, extracting value from them is how a business survives. Value is also not merely defined by monetary flows. Consumers give your business value by interacting and engaging with you online, in real life and on social media. A customer shares something you posted on Facebook — that’s value right there. This time reflected through improving your social media reach and increasing the power of your brand online.

The Two ways value is created

Value is generally packaged in two ways. You either educate or tell a story. You either connect with your audience emotively or you cognitively engage with them by teaching them or enlightening them about something of importance to them that they did not know. If your content is not doing either of those two things, you will not be communicating value to consumers and therefore not be effective in you marketing.

Content is the Vehicle for Value

Value isn’t magic, it doesn’t appear out of thin air. The only value can be created and communicated is when it is packaged in content. Content is king in marketing, why? Because, content is the only place where value resides.

What does this all mean?

This means that content should be respected. Time should be taking to plan and determine what sort of value your content contains. Investment and energy should be spent on content even though it can be difficult and frustrating at times. Content is truly king.

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