Translating business goals to specific objectives and KPIs

How to ensure you track performance against target KPIs, we all have them, sometimes we set them for ourselves, often they are set for us! The question is, are the KPIs you are reviewing supporting your efforts into making the boat go faster? Are they translated from business goals or just a bunch of metrics someone thought they may as well stick on a weekly powerpoint dashboard because Google Analytics spits out a sexy graph? This post explores how you can ensure you are using the KPIs that are helping you track performance in line with your business goals? KPIs give an integral pulse on the business that helps keep you be aware of what’s really going on and they allow you to exert control to pull the right levers to keep on track according to what actually matters. For me, the key when setting KPIs for marketing and digital marketing is to start with the business goals. Be clear on the difference between goals, objectives and KPIs I find when speaking to clients, that goals, objectives, and KPIs are used interchangeably by many. It’s understandable but can lead to confusion within a business and when talking to providers. While there isn’t a ‘right or wrong’ way to define these, it is definitely a good idea to have clarity on this. In this post, Dave Chaffey explains the difference between objectives vs goals . The approach he recommends is to have a clear top-down approach so goals support vision […]

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