Tips to get the most from your Google campaign

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Google Adwords has 1.2 billion advertisers currently and this figure is expected to grow at a rapid rate over the next few years.

What makes it so popular? Simple, it works. Google Adwords is worth the price considering the results that the brands are generating within a few months of advertising. However, some businesses fail to derive the desired results and hence, discontinue within the first month. This is because they don’t optimize the campaign to its best possibility. Hence, if you are looking to derive positive results from your campaign, it is best advised to hire a proficient PPC marketing agency in Mumbai that understands Google and its algorithms very well to carve out the best results for your brand.

Here are some tips to properly set up your campaign for results:

1) Determine your goals

Determine what the actions are that you want your visitors to take after they see your ad; whether it is installing your latest app, filling a form or make a purchase, determining these goals at the start will help you efficiently plan out your campaign.

2) Determine which type of network you want to select

Whether you want to opt for Search ads or Display ads, decide that first. Avoid running your ads in both the networks in the same campaign, it will consume your budget without giving any fruitful results. Search Network is the one where your ads will be shown on Google SERP when the user types a particular keyword while Display network allows you to advertise on Google’s partner websites in the Google Display Network. If you want to run ads in both, we recommend setting them up in different campaigns.

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3) Use geo-targeting

Geo-targeting is a feature that enables you to target people based on their location. You can use this feature to your benefit when you want to target certain users near your local business or want to target your ads to a section of people based in some other country.

4) Keyword Match Types

Choose the keyword match type for your keywords. There are 4 types of match types depending on their use:

i) Broad Match- When you use broad match, your ads automatically run on relevant variations of your keywords, even if these terms aren’t in your keyword lists. Be careful while using this type, as Google might show your ads for those queries that are not relevant for your business and this might end up draining your budget very soon.

ii) Phrase Match- With phrase match, you can show your ad to customers who are searching for your exact keyword and close variants of your exact keyword, with additional words before or after. For example, if “best mobiles in India” is your phrase match, then the user must type the exact same phrase to see your ad. However, they will also see your ad if they type “10 best mobiles in India” or “best mobiles in India under 10,000”

iii) Broad Match Modifier- This is a combination of Broad Match and Phrase Match. For your ads to show up, the user must type each and every keyword specified by you in the broad match modifier. Here, the order of words don’t matter, unlike phrase match.

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iv) Exact Match- This is self-explanatory. The user must type the exact same keyword specified by you in the exact match to see your ad.

5) Perform relevant split test to find the best performing ad

Once you have shortlisted your keywords and created the ad groups, start creating ads now. Always make two ads for every group, so that you can analyze which ad is working better. When comparing ads, look out for CTR and conversion rate and determine accordingly which ad you should dump and which ad to continue with.

6) Monitor and Optimize

Whenever you set up any digital marketing campaign, the mantra for success will always be “Monitor, optimize and monitor”. Monitor how users are responding to your ads, what are the click-through rates, conversion rates and what is the ROI that you are getting on your ad spend; are they the same that you desired while opting for Google advertising, if not, its time to optimize. All of these may require an expert hand and the best option is to hire a pay per click ad agency that has great expertise and experience in setting up result oriented Google campaigns.

All the above steps, when implemented correctly will generate great results for you as it has generated for the other 1.2 billion advertisers.

Still stuck on deciding which digital marketing medium would be suitable for your brand, contact us to receive a free quote by our digital marketing experts on how your brand can make the best use of the digital medium.

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