Three digital marketing trends dominating marketers' thoughts right now

Three digital marketing trends dominating marketers’ thoughts right now

Each year the ad tech industry flocks to Dmexco to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing digital marketers and publishers.

Building on recent years where concerns around brand safety, viewability and GDPR dominated, delegates and exhibitors seemed more optimistic. Conversations shifted from outlining problems to providing more solutions on how to improve transparency and trust throughout the digital marketing and publishing chain.

Ads.txt implementation across the landscape and rapid adoption has driven the conversation forward. Of course, we still face many challenges: a fragmented marketplace; evolving relationships between ad tech vendors, brands and agencies; not to mention navigating a new data economy. Despite these ongoing obstacles, there was a sense that the industry is on the cusp of real disruption – from new technology to future consolidation – paving way for a more simplified and effective future.

Here’s some of the notable trends that captivated the dmexco crowd.

The need for simplification and the move to in-housing Something that won’t come as a huge surprise is that the market is looking for simplification. Complex supply chains perplex the smartest of marketing professionals. Both marketers and publishers can be overwhelmed with choices about which vendors to use and the best ways to reach their objectives. While we are seeing industry consolidation, there are still many players left in the mix, resulting in confusion.