These 10 Content Types will Boost Your Traffic

Content marketing is super important when it comes to increasing your organic website traffic. And there are, as it turns out several content types that will help you more to raise the organic traffic of your website more than others. It might be because they engage more or simply the visitor stays long on the page increasing the Google time spent factor.

A study has revealed, that the content types, will drive a lot of visitors to your website are:

  1.   Videos
  2.   Lists
  3.   Podcasts
  4.   How-tos
  5.   E-books
  6.   Webinars
  7.   Infographics
  8.   Roundups
  9.   Longreads

And last but not the least –

  1.   Guest Posting.

Of course, every type of content will be more suited to a specific audience and is more well-received when it comes to certain topics, fields and business niches. And it’s a vital skill for a content marketing specialist to be able to choose the right type of content to address the specific contant type on a specific topic for reaching a specific audience.

This article goes into considerable details of the topic, exploring each of the above-mentioned content types, explaining why each of those will drive traffic to your website, as well as offering practical advice on choosing the right type of content in each case, depending on your business type and your audience.