There’s More Than Meets the Eye for Social Media Advertising

Social media is continuing to get a bad rap right now. In between the memes and the videos of cats, users are seeing content they aren’t particularly comfortable with, from trolling to unusual political advertising. Certainly social has some very real challenges to address in terms of trust and brand safety but it also has unparalleled reach and an ability to speak intimately – and appropriately – to consumers when done correctly. Facebook and Twitter seem to get the lions’ share of attention – good and bad – but as new features continue to be rolled out to help the platforms monetise their content, we should be looking to the diverse range of social platforms if we’re going to understand social’s brand potential. Figures from 4C insights show Instagram and Snapchat have both seen increases in ad spend on their platforms by 55% and 73% respectively as a result of new features that are delivering proven value to advertisers. SnapMap and geofilters deliver advertisers insights on how their customers shop. The augmented reality function is expected to be able to deliver a wide range of opportunities to advertisers who want to pin digital assets to real-world locations. Snapchat is also arguing that the AR feature will push its Stories feature ahead of rival Instagram with more creative filters. For brands who understand the instantaneousness and disposability of Stories, there are opportunities to engage audiences. Live reporting for news brands is a clear fit, as Mashable saw with New York’s […]

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