The 3 most effective ways to generate leads? (no.3 is the quickest route)

The 3 most effective ways to generate leads? (no
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Original article published here by @adrianmorley89

Why some business never suffers from quiet times of the year.

You heard it before. Many times — I’m guessing. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner there are tons of tasks to accomplish every day.

No matter how often you hear these words. The problem of finding time and energy creeps in. Maybe that’s not the problem at all. What if you don’t know the best way… of spending time working *on* your business… not working *in* it.

That phrase is a little cliche. It gets thrown around plenty. But are you acting on it? My thinking is, that no matter how busy you are. You need to spend time doing some form of business development. Ideally through direct marketing or networking.

Even if you’re ‘out-the-door- busy. It’s always a priority.

Create an all-you-can-eat lead generation strategy

It’s similar the Christmas or a family BBQ that you’d enjoy every summer. The process for me is. Go ahead, invite everyone over. Get a rough idea of how many people are calling and get a plan in motion.

Once the ‘big day’ draws closer you’ve two priorities for your get-together. Ensure you’ve enough food and drink. But, fear sets in as you walk through the supermarket (not fear as in running from a lion or scaling a cliff). It’s fear of looking stupid.

You don’t want to get too little food and disappointing your guests. For safety, you take the buffet route. Gather double of everything you need.

Once Christmas comes around. And dinner is taken care of. That bowl of mash potato, that weighed close to ten kilos… it still looks the same size as before you’ve eaten. The brussel sprout collection is lying there, looking miserable in the dish. You’ve enough wine for a two-week piss up (which can happen.)

Then some wise-crack comes along with the usual comment,’’We always over-do it. Next year will be different’’… at least the dogs happy about the situation.

Get over the seasonal downtime.

Certain situations call for having more than you need. When it comes to staying busy. When everyone else is saying,’’Business is quiet.’’ You needn’t suffer that faith!

By spending that all important time working *on* your business. You’ll never need to suffer the consequences.

Having more leads, orders or sales than you can deal with. It’s one of life’s good problems. It beats scrambling for new leads the second tumbleweeds start blowing through your place of work.

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An abundance of leads is the goal. Caring for them can be an afterthought. once you have the supply.

So that begs the question. How and when do you find time to attract new buyers?

For me, the wisest thing to do with business development is split your time 50/50 between retention and new customer generation.

On top of that. Take one to two hours out of each workday for business development.

… For argument’s sake, let’s say one hour for attraction and one hour for retention. At the very least… do one hour of one. Then switch back and forth throughout the week.

As mentioned. I think direct marketing and networking are the best uses of your time. But creating content or social media updates can work too.

Especially if you’re busy at the moment. Why would you create content, even when you’re busy already? It’s because content takes time to mature. It takes time to create an online audience and to get eyeballs on what you create.

If you’re really stuck for time. Video is a quick solution. It doesn’t need editing or to even look professional. Once the content is good. People will take notice.

Look for the highest impact activities — from a small commitment of time and effort.

Regards content. A short FB or social media post every workday should fit the bill.

The temptation is to share popular posts or put up a funny picture. Basically, posting generic, uninteresting content. That’s a weak strategy.

…Step back for a second. Why do you think creating content is a good idea? It’s not because everyone else is doing it or to get many ‘likes.’

It’s to position yourself as an expert in your niche or industry. To show people reading that you know your facts. To show how helpful you are. For them to get to know you better.

The saying goes… ‘’people buy from people they know, like and trust.’’

Don’t be afraid of letting your online audience get to know you better.

Networking for the anti-social.

I’ve never been a great fan of networking. I never saw the value of it until recently. Truth is, there’s a similar theme to creating content.

The goal is to give before asking for a favour in return.

Think of networking as creating valuable content on a one to one basis. Be helpful and expect nothing in return. Think about why the other party is networking. Their goals and the outcome — then help them get closer to that.

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People will take notice and return the favour at some stage in time.

Again it comes back to the whole ‘know, like and trust’ factor. If your conversations are doing nothing but building up to your big pitch. then, my pitchy friend. You’re doing it wrong.

Direct response marketing for the win.

Direct response is a time-tested winning way of doing business. Although it’s changed slightly in recent years. The principles are the same.

Everything you create needs to ask for an action from readers or viewers. A great one, when it comes to social media is asking for a ‘like’ at the end of your content or ask a question for people to respond to (you’ll see an example at the bottom.)

At its core. Direct marketing is about asking for a sale or getting people further down the sales pipeline. So think of everything you release into the world. Is it pulling its weight towards by getting people closer to making a buying decision?

Ads, radio, PPC, direct mail. What action are we looking for readers to perform?

All you want is for them to take the next step… things like join a newsletter, pick up the phone, order today, visit our website etc.

… In my opinion, the worst CTA is asking to visit your social media page. I’ve said it before, the best thing to ask for… is email details in return for a free gift or offer.

That way you’ve contact details to use at any time you please. When you send emails on the regular. Ask for the next action that you’d like readers to take. Always make it easy for them to take the next step without pushing too hard.

Is that all? Is it that easy?

Maybe. Each topic has thousands of lessons in themselves. But, you don’t need to know them. The goal is to commit to a strategy that draws-in buyers. That way, you’ll never suffer a drought in your revenue.

Am I saying that this is the only way to find customers?

Hell no! There are many ways. These are just what I turn to… if you beg to differ. That’s cool.

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