Taking on the duopoly: What are the mobile advertising alternatives to Facebook and Google?

Early this year, I was invited to attend a meeting with a digital sales team for a well-known media company and an agency with which they’ve been doing business for years. Our supporting role was to provide answers to anything related to location-based advertising. As the conversation progressed, the truth came out. The agency principal looks at the sales team, shrugs and says, “I love working with you, but my clients are pushing me to advertise on Facebook. They’ve got great targeting, and everybody uses it. I’m struggling to send business your way.” We immediately witnessed the blood draining from the faces of the sales reps, and the look of dejection that overcame them before they quickly rebounded in the positive fashion that salespeople often do. This conversation happens hundreds, if not thousands, of times each day across the US. Any sales team that competes for ad dollars from local, regional or national advertisers is hitting a brick wall. While Google has been a dominant force in digital ad spend for decades, Facebook has risen to become an advertising juggernaut. The problem is that the “duopoly” of Google and Facebook significantly impedes the ability for any other publisher to gain a foothold or even a tiny slice of the mobile advertising pie. The stats that show Google and Facebook now command 99 percent of the growth opportunity in digital ad spend are both astounding and terrifying. They’re beating everyone else because they’ve built powerful targeting capabilities on top of […]

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