Social Media Strategy Changes In Light of the Facebook Apocalypse!

Facebook has long preached the importance of social media is an extension of human to human interactions but lacked the platform or algorithm to reward brands for doing so. This all changed on January 11, 2018, as Mark Zuckerberg stated that: “If what we’re here to do is help people build relationships, then we need to adjust.”

I gave the opening keynote Social Media Marketing World on the Facebook Zero aka the over hyped and crazy Facebook News Feed changes.

This presentation was done with 51 gifs but the audio I captured from my iPhone on stage still captured my message and I thought this would be massively valuable as both a video and a podcast episode.

Brian walked the audience through the strategy shift to create meaningful community interactions, empower employees, and leverage both influencers and fans. He will cover:

  • Social Media Changes: The latest news feed change and how that impacts organic reach and Facebook Ad spend.
  • Conversational Content: How to build a content strategy from the fans perspective focusing on creating “participatory content” targeted at an active audience rather than social spectators.
  • People Empowerment: What role employee advocacy and influencer relations will have on creating social media conversations and organic reach of content on social media.

Watch the presentation:

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Find out more about Brian as keynote speaker: http://www.isocialfanz.com/speaker

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