Social Media Promotion: 21 Ways To Increase Your Following

Social Media Promotion: 21 Ways To Increase Your Following
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Your content is all published and you’ve registered all your social accounts. Now what? How do you let people know you exist and visit your page? Here we have created 21 social media promotion ideas will kickstart your marketing initiatives.

But first, it’s important to create social media accounts and link them on your website, so your audience know where to follow you. If you haven’t read our article upon how to start with social media marketing and choose the best social network for you, then read here.

  1. Completely optimize your social profile.

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised to know that unless you’re going for an ultra-minimalistic look, your brand’s social Pages should be filled out.

Article uses the About sectionto let customers know where else to find them, one of their social media promotion technique. Not all the links are active, but the icons do indicate the networks.

2. Create your brand’s own hashtags.

Instagram has added the ability to link other accounts and hashtags to your bio. Originally, people had to memorize the hashtags or creatively using an emoji. Now, you can use the space to promote accounts and add hashtags.

These hashtags can be your standard branded ones or special hashtags, like for a contest.

Hashtags are actually an incredible social media promotion tool. And, they can help you get more followers much more effectively.

Hashtags are not only a big part of how we social media but they’ve even started to become part of how you speak. Or, at least those up-to-date on popular lingo.

3. Offer freebies

A survey stated that:

  • 52% of people who follow brands do it to learn about offers.
  • 38% follow to take part in competitors.
  • 33% do so to get access to freebies.

Which is a lot of follower base. In fact, more than half of them are primed and ready to buy from or engage with you. So take advantage and let them spread the word for you at the same time.

Create freebies or guides that are unique and provide detailed resources. Create competition or offer that involves retweets and shares or do social media promotion, and you’ve got a campaign that will draw attention.

4. Automate social media posting

For every network, there are certain times of the day when the users are most active. By scheduling your social media messages to post at the best times, you’re that much more likely to engage your followers. Hootsuite and Buffer are very popular in this.

A question we get asked a lot, “When is the best time to schedule social media posts?”. Every platform has different social media promotion plan, so you need to post at it’s best time and day.

On Facebook, Friday seem to be happier for people, so funny or upbeat content will fit right in to that “happiness index”. Use facebook Karma to track your data and see when your audience is online.

On Twitter, Wednesday around noon and 5–6 pm are peak moments during workers’ breaks. Twitter users are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute. Use Twitter Analytics to track data on your own followers to find the best times to tweet.

On LinkedIn, the best time to post is midweek from 5–6 pm. Business people are most likely to read linkedIn in the morning like the newspaper. While linked in more professional, the best times to post are still before and after work.

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On Instagram, the best time to post is between 8–9 am. Avoid posting at 3–4 pm. Posting a video on Instagram at 9 pm gets 34% more interactions. Post content more during off-work hours than during the work day, aside from peak times.

On Pinterest, the best time to post on Pinterest is 8–11 pm, especially on Saturdays. The worst time on Pinterest is during work hours. Make sure to include a call to action! 80% of people that see your content during peak times won’t interact otherwise.

5. Post often to get more followers.

A question we get asked a lot, “How often to should you post to get more followers?”

The answer depends on independent social media platforms. But when you create you social media promotion plan keep these things in mind:

  • Tweet more than 15 times a day.
  • Post once a day on Facebook.
  • Post 1 or 2 times a day on Instagram, depending on your content.

The more you share, the more followers you will get. But as the Buffer noted, their could be a few reasons:

  1. You become more practiced and effective at tweeting.
  2. You’re more active and can interact with more people.
  3. You have a larger volume of valuable tweets for people to interact with.

But while it’s not clear whether this is correlation, it doesn’t really matter. Tweeting more will increase the amount of followers you have in one way or another.

When Post Planner increased their posting frequency by 29%, they grew their Facebook organic reach by 65%. Sharing more often helps you reach and engage more of the following you’ve worked so hard to build.

6. Be consistent

This should be your #1 priority. Using a tool (such as Hootsuite, Buffer or others) can help you maintain a consistent posting schedule across all your social channels. This is essential for engaging, retaining and growing an audience.

However, that’s not all it means to be consistent.

It’s also important that your messaging remain consistent across networks too. If you’re building a cross-channel campaign, it’s also important to ensure all messages on all networks support the same overarching campaign theme. If you say one thing on Facebook, you don’t want to say something contradictory on Twitter (For Example).

7. Share videos

Videos has been considered one of the most powerful in social media promotion. While photo posts are great for engagement, Facebook is slowly taking away the ability to reach more followers.

In fact, it now has the lowest organic reach of any type of update, with video getting more than double that reach. You don’t have to be the one who created that video content, either. You just need to upload it.

Facebook might have been the start, but you can now experiment with video on tons of networks: Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ (as well as YouTube) all have ways to use video to reach your audience.

8. Share your content more than once on social media.

You can get 31.5 times more click-through when you share your content on social media more than once. Meaning, you can get 3150% more traffic to your content by scheduling a few more social messages to share your content with your followers.

You can share the same piece of content on social media more than once to help you fill up your social media promotion plan (especially since you just learned you can post way more frequently than you have been). A good way to do this is to mix up the variety of the kinds of messages you write to share a single piece of content.

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Here’s how to do it:

  • Use the three kinds of headlines that work best for engaging content: how to, list, and question.
  • Ask questions to pique your followers’ curiosity. Close-ended questions actually work best for click-throughs, so try questions that make your followers answer “yes” or “no” in response to your question. (e.g. Are you using hashtags as you should be?)
  • Post something controversial that makes your readers question their behavior, beliefs, or sense of belonging. They’ll want to confirm or disprove what you share, so they’ll have to click through to learn more. (e.g. Nothing is original.)
  • Combine a humorous message with a funny meme or GIF. Something that works well is to try a message like “How you’ll feel when you learn how to {experience desired benefit you teach in your content.}” Then pair it with a GIF of someone super excited.

9. Use images, memes, GIFs, infographics

Tweets with images get 18% more click-throughs than those without. And tweets with animated GIFs get 167% more click-throughs than tweets with images. Memes bring humor to busy news feeds (and let’s just remember that half of all people share entertaining content). One of the best way to create Images, infographic is through Canva.

Let’s just say it’s widely known that social media promotion messages with visuals get more engagement.

10. Share old posts

Creating, sharing and repurposing evergreen content helped us a lot. Evergreen content is perfect for engaging your social media following because you’ll have relevant content to mix into your posting schedule that’s always relevant.

You likely have timeless content that continues to perform well week after week, month after month. That top content is the kind of evergreen content to share again.

Neil Patel is a marketing mastermind who found that when he shared all of his old content, his traffic actually dropped. However, when Neil Shared only his best content, he grew his traffic.

Use Google Analyticsto understand your content that is getting the most traffic. That’s a natural indicator of something your followers dig, so share that content again.

11. Host Twitter chats

Have you ever conducted or hosted Twitter chats to engage with your followers? If not yet, then you need to (if possible), it’s another best way to do social media promotion.

The process is kind of time consuming but you can keep it as simple as possible to make it a realistic engagement tactic in your social media promotion strategy:

  1. The most popular way to let all your participants know about the Twitter chat is through hashtag.
  2. Make sure you define chat time.
  3. Let know how long the conversation will go. Usually it’s an hour, you can either ask question or let your audience ask questions.
  4. Schedule tweets to build anticipation before each chat.
  5. Be a rock star host and like your followers answers and reply with helpful advice.

Read full article here.

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