Social Media Image Sizes 2018 [Infographic]

Ever found yourself stuck in a dilemma while posting images on social media? A crisp shot posted on Facebook may appear to be of a terrible quality on Twitter, and that’s just two of the many different social channels out there. While content marketing focuses primarily on the quality of content, the quality of additional assets, such as the feature images and video links should be equally scrutinized. These assets should compliment the textual content, instead of detracting from it. A blurry image may put the user off of your content entirely, as they might question the overall quality of the link. If you can’t make the effort of presenting your audience with decent quality content, why should they make the effort of consuming it? Download our Free Resource – Top 10 common content marketing mistakes With so much content being produced, it’s important your content marketing strategy cuts through. Our content marketing mistakes guide reveals the most common mistakes, but more importantly what to do about them, with strategy recommendations, examples and relevant resources identified. Access the Top 10 common content marketing mistakes Social media is vigorously competitive. There’s a lot of information on there that the users get exposed to, on a daily basis. So, if you want to attract new clients and give out a successful first impression of your brand, you need to use these channels, to its full potential, without leaving any stones unturned. A little attention to detail can go a long way! […]

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