Seven simple tips to create winning video for your brand

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In a day and age where life has started to move faster and faster, we have to work hard to keep up with it. The marketing world is evolving every day. In a matter of months and weeks, trends are changing, and you have to keep up. Video has now emerged to be the next big thing in this industry as there have been many new developments in the usage of this tool for marketing. Here are some video marketing tips that will prove to be helpful in your search for better sales and better profits.

  • Authenticity and storytelling

The main thing that big brands are lacking in their videos is the authenticity and storytelling. It is this aspect or corporate videos that will help the small businesses to rise. People at a lower level deal with the customers directly, and it is the offer of a better and more personalized service that will attract people towards your brand. Although the videos of big corporations have excellent production value, their lack of content and good story lets them take a hit. Keep your videos authentic and build a story.

In the present day and age, trust me, there is nothing like “one of a kind” there’s another out there and if you can’t convince the potential client that your product is the best, there is undoubtedly many other places they can get the respective product.

  • Engage in philanthropic activities on video

Brand building is all about the relationship between the company and the customer. If the customer can see that your company is giving back to the community that will prove to go a long way in means of your brand reputation. When a brand puts its energy and resources to use for the respective community, it is sure to help the brand and raise your profit cards.

If you are running a small business and do not have the resources that other companies may have, it is nothing to worry about. The world can be a better place if you do your part. The customer is sure to appreciate the effort, and this creates a great deal of new potential clients.

  • Unlock the versatility

A video is a tool that if it is unlocked to its full potential, it will be the best thing that you would invest in. The purpose of a video is not only to market something and increase the sales. Videos can give a much more detailed outlook of what you are doing to the customer. You can build a relationship with the customer. When the customer gets to see you, see the kind of working environment that you work in, he/she will develop a connection. This connection will play on the subconscious and help you by increasing customer loyalty.

There are different emotions of the customer that you can target. Give your video some overall feel. Humor has proven to be a great way to keep your audience engaged.

  • Keep it short and precise

Keep your video short. There is an absolute limit that you should not cross, remember it is an advertisement, not a movie clip. An add should be catchy and concise, something that you can easily remember and something that is attractive enough that you go around mumbling it without even knowing.

In a time, where everyone is so busy that they can’t spend so much time on a single thing people tend to watch the headlines rather than the whole news. In the same way, they want to know the main and necessary information rather than pointless banter. All you need to do is keep it authentic and don’t try too hard. Try to keep everything precise.

  • Choose an attractive face

The face of your brand will affect the sale of your product by a very large percentage. Choose a strong lead character. Just like in the movies, the lead affects the overall sale of the movie. The lead of an online video can affect the sales by a significant percentage. For this reason, you should get someone who has social standing, a person who is appreciated by people. If you are not a multi-million dollar corporation that can hire Tom Cruise or Cara Delavan for a small video, you can always approach a YouTuber. They are some of the most influencing people in the modern age, and they can be a very strong and positive face for your product.

  • The real purpose

While making your video and incorporating different techniques in the production, you should be sure to include the core values of your product. Although the video is meant to increase your sales, it is also meant to portray an image of what you are and what you are selling. People should know where your core values lie on the chart of your priorities. For example, if you’re selling a particular beauty product for skin colour, they should know that there is nothing wrong with it, it’s just to enhance the natural beauty and not to change you entirely.

  • Enjoy what you do

You, yourself are the most significant ambassador for your product. You need to rise above all and market that. You need to be on camera too. You need to advocate your product in front of many different types and convince them that this is what they need. You should show the viewers the overall feeling and the atmosphere around the working place so that they can relate to you. For this, you can also use live videos which are becoming a new trend in the marketing industry.

You can show your viewers the manufacturing, the production, the packing, the people in charge, the people who do the legal work. People should think of you as one big family.

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Shawn Marshall is the father of two little girls. He is a digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. He regularly shares her bright ideas on

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