SEO, Business Relationships Don’t Last Long

Some 61% of businesses spend less than $5,000 per month for search engine optimization (SEO) services. Regardless of what businesses spend, only 20% expect to keep their relationship with a search engine optimization partner for about five years — a term that only 8% actually fulfill.

For 65% of businesses, that partnership lasts two years or less, and 34% of partnerships with digital marketing agencies last less than one year, according to new data. Clutch and Ignite Visibility published a survey of more than 300 marketers that explores how they partner with SEO companies for their businesses. The data was collected in mid-January. Business professionals trust their peers when it comes to making decisions about search marketing and advertising. Some 52% initially find a search engine optimization company through referrals, far outpacing the 16% willing to take a chance finding one through an online search, and 8% through an ad. When considering a SEO to work with, 53% look at their service offerings, 49% consider referrals, 46% consider price, 45% want a strategy that fits, and 26 look for online reviews.

While more than half of businesses find an SEO professional through a referral, 55% make the decision to keep a partner on their own. Regardless of company size, expertise rates the highest. While the percentage seems low, 28% consider finding a professional with an expertise in SEO the biggest benefit to partnering with an outside firm or person. Some 24% look for increased site traffic and exposure, followed […]